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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

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Selbst Lenken und Gas geben: Auf
dem ,,Maranello Grand Race" können
sich die Besucher wie auf der MonzaPiste ein kleines Rennen liefern.

Auf dem ,,Kids-Podium" können die jungen Ferrari
Land-Besucher nach Herzenslust toben.

astonishing that both simulators also
share the first pre-show. Visitors to both
attractions experience the introduction
twice from Enzo Ferrari, who presents
his company and its values with the
aid of a Pepper`s Ghost illusion. This
feature was conceived and installed by

"Flying Dreams" is a Brogent flying
theater attraction with 70 seats and a
theme focused on travel, naturally in a
Ferrari! The movie takes visitors on a
journey around the world with aerial
views of beautiful landscapes and a red
car always prominently in sight. The
simulator's sophisticated equipment
magnificently maintains a background
role allowing visitors to fully immerse
themselves in the flying sensation it

In contrast, "Racing Legends" is
dedicated to Ferrari's great racecar
driver tradition. Visitors enter the
Omnimax dome movie theater to find
several racecar-themed Simworx motion
platforms in the shape of hexapods
covering three levels. The film shows a
46 EuroAmusement Professional 4/2017

sequence of track sections from
famous race courses and a
look ahead to what auto racing
might look like in the future.

Next to the main building one
finds the Italian-look passage
which adopts the appearance
of famous buildings, including
the St Mark's Campanile
bell tower of Venice and
Rome's Colosseum. They
serve to provide the right ambience,
while also covering the rear of the
simulator building. The buildings on
the other side of the passage are home
to features including a good Italian
restaurant, the souvenir shop and a
room with elaborate simulators from
Marti & Nelly which visitors can try
out for a surcharge. For kids there is
a Zamperla Speedway called "Junior
Championship" and a WhiteWater
West play structure. Broadening the
appeal, "Pit Stop Record" (changing
tires against the clock like in Formula
1 racing) and the "Ferrari Land
Gallery" are aimed at the whole
family. The "Gallery" uses multimedia
presentations and cars on exhibit to
portray Ferrari's history. (Guests are
not permitted to take photographs in
the exhibition. Instead, they have the
opportunity to be photographed in a
Ferrari car and purchase the picture.)

The indisputable main attraction
at Ferrari Land, and now the new
landmark for the town of Salou, is the
112 meter tall "Red Force" launch
coaster from Intamin. In terms of size
Red Force is somewhere between
"Stealth" at Thorpe Park and "Top

Thrill Dragster" at Cedar Point. But
instead of a hydraulic drive, Red Force
is powered by a magnetic drive system
which accelerates the maximum of
three trains in use up to a speed of
180 km/h in a mere five seconds. The
only element that appears before the
ride's final braking sequence comes
in the form of a Top Hat with vertical
climbs and descents, and bearing no
less than three huge Ferrari logos.
Red Force's special characteristics
clearly distinguish it from Europe's
former fastest launch coaster and the
continent's former fastest rollercoaster,
somewhat ironically both located at the
PortAventura park. Adding Red Force
into the mix with "Dragon Kahn" and
"Stampida", PortAventura World is
clearly a destination that can be readily
marketed to thrillseekers.

Aside from the rollercoaster, the
"Maranello Grand Race" takes up
the largest floor space area at Ferrari
Land. This is a 570 meter long, twolane Monza raceway supplied by C & S
where visitors can steer and accelerate
for themselves as if in a race. As
exciting as it sounds, the ride fails to
create real racing mood. The Ferraris
have electric engines, while combustion
engine sounds are artificially generated.
Emotions are being held back due to a
rather disappointing drive performance.
Undecorated concrete walls guests have
to drive by for longer periods do the
rest, while adults are unable to satisfy
their need-for-speed.
Located behind the Grand Race visitors
will find the two identical vertical rides
from S&S Sansei simply named "Thrill
Towers": a Space Shot and a Turbo
Drop each with three seats per side.
Both towers share the same waiting line
and are marketed as a single attraction.
Most visitors are probably unaware that
the ride experiences for each tower are
in fact different.

Summary: PortAventura World profits
not only from visitors to the park, but
also from the potential for them to
choose an extended stay at its own
hotels. Ferrari, with its emotionladen theme combined with the Italian
atmosphere, is an appropriate expansion
for PortAventura World. We hope that
both partners profit from the investment.

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