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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

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Ein eigener Kleinkinderbereich, in
dem aus der Landwirtschaft bekannte
Gerätschaften wie z.B. ein Bälle
spuckender ,,Mais-Häcksler" zu finden
sind, bietet einen Rückzugsort für die
Jüngsten und ihre Eltern.

The play areas are arranged in a way that it is impossible to
see everything they hold in store all at once, an intentional
move designed to generate return visits. The hall's run-&play facilities are augmented by a food concession area with
a lounge character facing the adjacent lake and designed by
Deko Leisure. The architectural concept for the indoor play
hall came from Brüninghoff GmbH.
The total costs for this new indoor play world, including
construction measures, have run to approximately eight

million Euros, the park's largest
ever investment to date. Ketteler
Hof anticipates resulting annual
attendance growth of some
80,000 to 100,000 more guests.
In 2016 the park welcomed
around 360,000 visitors.
Ketteler Hof co-owner Georg
Schulze Robert happily reports,
"We've gotten off to a good start
this year. April had some challenging weather conditions,
and the new indoor world already more than proved itself
with all the rain and the cold".
And by the way, this new indoor hall hasn't raised admission
prices for visitors at all. Mr. Schulze Robert explains,
"The appeal of our range of features is the priority for us,
and we're satisfied with our attendance figures. We want
to create a long-term bond with our visitors by constantly
creating added value".

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A Playground for everyone!

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EuroAmusement Professional 4/2017


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