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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017

Seite 88 EuroAmusement Professional 4-2017Blick auf die
Wasserlandschaft in der


stehen Ruheräume zur Verfügung. Ein
großes Ausschwimmbecken, eine Saunabar und Massageangebote runden das
Wohlfühl-Angebot ab.
Insgesamt hat der Neubau 39,7 Mio.
Euro gekostet ­ 3,7 Mio. mehr als im
Architekten-Entwurf ursprünglich veranschlagt. Das neue Sport- und Freizeitbad wird von den Stadtwerken Potsdam
und Banken finanziert. Als Betreiber tritt
die Bäderlandschaft Potsdam GmbH,
ein Tochterunternehmen der Stadtwerke
Potsdam, auf. Die Betreiber rechnen mit
bis zu 350.000 Badegästen im Jahr, die
sich auf den drei Stockwerken des blu
nach Herzenslust austoben und entspannen sollen. (JSch)

blu Potsdam
Originally opened in 1971, the plans
to augment or replace the recreational
swimming complex now called blu in
the German city of Potsdam near the
Brauhausberg mountain can actually be
traced back to the year 1996. The final
Eine Tribüne in der Sport-Schwimmhalle
bietet Platz für bis zu 400 Zuschauer.

plans for the complex were completed
by the Gerkan Marg und Partner (gmp)
architecture firm. Having broken ground
for the new facility in December of 2014,
blu Potsdam recently opened this past
June 6th.
The complex is comprised of three
partially joined areas. The hall on the
ground floor is flooded with light and
contains a 50 meter long competitive pool
with plenty of room for swimmers. The
pool features ten lanes for competitive
swimming, with bleacher seating for
up to 400 spectators at the side of the
basin. A family pool is also located on the
ground floor of the three-story amusement
facility and forms the adventure area at
blu Potsdam. The recreational pool is
equipped with a flow channel, bubble
loungers, massage nozzles, a climbing
wall and pleasant underwater lighting
generating a changing atmosphere.
The highlight here, however, is the
114 meter long tube slide from Swiss
company Klarer Freizeitanlagen. This
giant slide with a yellow exterior and
an oval pipe section comes with a whole

range of attractions. The start of the
multimedia slide features a program
selection with "Underwater Slide",
"Discone" and "Thriller" to choose
from. Different animations depending on
the program choice are played on large
displays in the fake-slide elements, and
the backlit motifs embedded in the slide
and the cone are activated in tandem
with the chosen theme. After the first
few meters of the slide, bathers spin
around an inverted cone featuring an
impressive lightshow, particularly with
the "Discone" program. Following this,
the journey continues through an oval
pipe section with glass-bottom elements.
At the end of the straight stretch
another fake-slide element awaits with
a display. Shortly before bathers reach
the animation a sharp turn to the right
takes them around a curve. Next there
is a 360° spiral followed by a drop over
the famous Klarer Infinity Jump into the
shallow landing pool. The illusion of the
endless pipe also works here: Depending
on which effect program bathers have
selected for their ride, above the actual
jump they are confronted either by a
deadly shark waiting with its mouth wide
open, a poppy disco motif or the fires of
hell, before gently landing in the shallow
waters of the landing pool. Sliders can
enjoy the ride alone or in duos with
single or double-tubes, and adventurers
can even slide through this thrilling,
effect-laden giant slide head-first on
sliding mats.
On the first upper-floor of the building
guests can enjoy food and beverages in
the cozy atmosphere of the self-servicerestaurant. The next floor up from there
at the complex focuses on wellness and
relaxation. The spacious sauna and
wellness area features five different
sauna cabins for guests to sweat away
their cares.
The new construction of blu Potsdam
costed a total of 39.7 million Euros,
running 3.7 million Euros over the budget
originally estimated in the blueprints.
This new sports and recreational
swimming complex is financed by
banks and Potsdam's municipal utilities
company, Stadtwerke Potsdam. The
operating company is Bäderlandschaft
Potsdam GmbH, a subsidiary of
Stadtwerke Potsdam, which anticipates
up to 350,000 bathers annually.

88 EuroAmusement Professional 4/2017

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