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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 20 EuroAmusement Professional 6-2017-LeseprobeParks
überdacht zu finden sein, um den Park
wetterunabhängiger zu machen. Gemäß
seinem öffentlichen Auftrag wird der
Park künftig weiterhin ein pädagogisches Angebot für Schulen bereithalten,
inklusive kostenloser Sportangebote,
Aktivitäten zur Sensibilisierung für den
Umweltschutz, kultureller Veranstaltungen und künstlerischer Workshops.
Am 4. September, kurz vor Beginn der
Bauarbeiten, die keine neun Monate andauern werden, wurde ein großes
Volksfest veranstaltet. Insgesamt 50.000
Tagesbesucher verzeichnete Le Jardin
d'Acclimatation anlässlich des Festes,
das kostenlosen Eintritt und zahlreiche
Aktionen bot ­ ein neuer Besucherrekord. Ein Teil des Parks bleibt während
der Bauarbeiten für die Öffentlichkeit
zugänglich. Läuft alles nach Plan, so soll
der neue Jardin d'Acclimatation Anfang
Mai 2018 seine Besucher wieder vollumfänglich begrüßen können. (FM)

Facelift for Parisian
Amusement Park
A Paris institution founded in 1860 is
preparing to shine with new glamour
by spring 2018 thanks to an initiative
of the LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis
Vuitton) group in collaboration with
the Compagnie des Alpes (CdA).
We're talking about Le Jardin
d'Acclimatation, the oldest amusement
park in France, which is set to benefit
from the largest investment plans in

Auch die verschiedenen Eingangsbereiche des Parks sollen ein neues Gesicht erhalten.

its history: 60 million euros will flow
into the renovation of the 18-hectare
premises, modernising existing
facilities, and the creation of no less
than 17 new attractions.
It was this ambitious project that
motivated the park's owner ­ the City
of Paris ­ to place its trust once again
in the LVMH group, which has been
responsible for operating the space
since 1984. The reason for approving
the renewal grant for a period of
25 years through 2041 was the offer
from the leading global luxury goods
giant to implement the expensive
modernisation and renovation work in
collaboration with CdA. The French
operator, who had entered into similar
partnerships like Parc Sindibad in
Morocco and Futurescope in France
before, was chosen due to its expertise
in theme parks. The collaborative
effort will be based on a management
contract and financial participation
by CdA amounting to 20 percent of

future developments with simultaneous
filling of certain key positions on the
operative side.
The goal for both partners is to make
Le Jardin d'Acclimatation one of
the top 3 most visited theme parks
in France. It should create a can'tmiss destination for both residents of
the Ile-de-France as well as tourists
who flock to the City of Lights ­ with
an annual visitor goal of 2.5 million
guests. In order to reach this goal, the
plan calls for investment in two main
areas: 33 million euros are slated for
renovations, including improving the
quality of existing facilities, restoring
historic buildings, and beautifying
green spaces; 27 million euros are
planned to expand the number of
The development department at CdA
will deal more closely with this part
of the master plan in particular, as
explained by department manager
Benoît Spriet: "We were the driving
force behind LVMH when it came to
supporting them in the redesign of
this special site. The City of Paris
wants Le Jardin d'Acclimatation to
adopt the standards of large European
amusement parks. That's why we're
concentrating on the following
three items: expand the number of
attractions to appeal to a larger
audience, to improve the layout of the
attractions within the grounds, and to
Neben diversen Fahrgeschäften und
Karussells sollen auch bestehende
Gebäude, die sich auf dem Gelände
befinden, saniert werden.

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