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permeates Volcano Bay's whole
storyline. This fictitious Pacific people is
said to have set off in their canoes long
ago in search of a new home. According
to the legend, the Waturi would find a
gold-finned fish named Kunuku who
would lead them there. Following a
long search they finally find Kunuku,
who leads them to Volcano Bay where
the island's volcano can already be seen
from far away. The story goes that the
Waturi settle there, despite the fact that
they have to withstand the wrath of the
god Krakatau.
Every visitor to Volcano Bay is
accompanied throughout their stay
by an interactive wristband called
"TapuTapu". Resembling a smart watch,
this bracelet primarily serves to reserve
a place for the respective visitor in the
virtual waiting lines for the park's slide
attractions. Universal's obvious aim with
this waiting line reservation system is to
reduce the feeling of the waiting time to
a minimum, since no one likes standing
in line. Now, guests register with their
wristbands at the desired attraction and
are sent a timeframe for when to return.
In a similar way to the Fast Pass systems
in theme parks, this allows the guests to
spend the waiting time doing something
useful, like hitting the wave pool or
the Lazy River, for example! When the
booked attraction time is approaching
the wristband sends out a reminder
signal. And equally like all Fast Pass
systems, it's also not possible here to
register for several slides at the same
time. During the virtual waiting time the
guest cannot use any other slide.
TapuTapu also facilitates cash-free
payment throughout the park, for
example at the souvenir shop or in the
restaurants. Guests register a valid
58 EuroAmusement Professional 6/2017

Die beiden
Rutschen ,,Honu
ika Moana" sind
mit MehrpersonenReifen befahrbar
und damit immer ein
Spaß für die ganze

credit card in advance via an app which
is then linked to the particular wristband
as the means of payment.

Theme areas and attractions
The park is divided up into four theme
areas, all with some relation to the
culture of the Polynesian islands. The
first area is called "Wave Village",
home to Volcano Bay's massive wave
pool, "Waturi Beach". This wave pool
is surrounded on all sides by a beach
doused by huge waterfalls.
Right behind Wave Village we find "The
Volcano", the second and also the most
elaborate theme area. The centerpiece
of this area and in fact the entire park is
the Krakatau volcano, over 60 meters
tall, rising up majestically behind the
wave pool. Gushing waterfalls spout
from the natural-looking artificial rock
The main attractions at Volcano Bay are
surely its many water slides. Although
the manufacturer does not say a word
about an involvement in the Volcano
Bay project, it is clear to every industry
professional that the rides have been
implemented by ProSlide. The park's
most intense rides are concealed inside
the volcano. One of the most popular
attractions is the "Krakatau Aqua
Coaster", winding its way around and
through the imposing volcano. This
HydroMagnetic Rocket water coaster is
unique in Florida and features a linear
induction motor (LIM) for powerful
acceleration. In boats resembling canoes
up to four passengers can slide not just
downwards, but also upwards like with
the Master Blaster slide. Amusement
park fans are apparently so thrilled with

the Krakatau Aqua Coaster that they
even voted it 2017's "Best new roller
The tallest slides at Orlando's new water
park are the three "Body Plunges" that
start from almost the top of the volcano.
All three slides each have a SkyBox
trap-door start. Guests enter the starting
cabin, sound effects ring out and the
trap-door opens beneath their feet. Each
of the three slides has a different stretch
layout: On "Kala & Tai Nui" the initial
freefall is followed by numerous curves
and changes of direction. In contrast, the
"Ko'okiri Body Plunge" is designed as
a pipe freefall slide with a 70 degree, 38
meter drop straight down. One section
of the drop is designed as a transparent
pipe surrounded by rushing waterfalls.
The final pipe section of this slide is also
transparent and runs through a pool
near the wave pool where guests can
also swim and enjoy a great view of the
daring guests inside the slide.
Volcano Bay pays a small tribute to
Universal's former water park with the
"Punga Racers". The color scheme of
this four-lane mat slide is reminiscent of
the "Aqua Drag Racer" that was opened
in 2014 at Wet 'n Wild. Bathers head
down this slide head first on their bellies
through an enjoyably curvy stretch that
starts off as a pipe slide and then opens
up. The first slider across the finish line
can look forward to a refreshing shower.
To the right of the volcano is the third
theme area, the "River Village",
designed to delight the whole family.
The large "Kopiko Wai Winding River"
Lazy River attraction runs throughout
the area, offering guests a relaxed
themed journey through several grottos
and a section of the volcano. Families
with children will really appreciate the
"Tot Tiki Reef" and "Runamukka Reef"
children's areas, where interactive water
cannons, brightly colored figures and a
large water play structure with several
children's slides leave no room for
Two large slides under the name
"Honu ika Moana" were also installed
in the River Village. The "Honu"
(Turtle) is a double TornadoWave slide
in a deep blue color. It accommodates
up to four bathers in its tubes and

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