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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 36 EuroAmusement Professional 6-2017-LeseprobeWaterParks
Neben Familien generell sollen
insbesondere auch Teenager mit
dem neuen Rutschenangebot
angesprochen werden.

Im Jahr 2016 konnte die Gruppe insgesamt 2,5 Mio. Besucher verzeichnen, der
Brutto-Jahresumsatz von Landal GreenParks betrug insgesamt 406 Mio. Euro.

Waterfront in Travemünde
Und Landal setzt seinen Expansionskurs
fort. In Großbritannien eröffnete der Anbieter im Frühjahr dieses Jahres einen
zweiten Park. Und auch in Deutschland
ist mit ,,Waterfront" die Entstehung eines neuen Urlaubsareals an der Ostsee
geplant. Direkt am Wasser, auf der Halbinsel Priwall, sollen 97 neue Luxus-Ferienwohnungen für zwei bis acht Personen
sowie 50 Dünenvillen für vier, sechs und
acht Gäste entstehen, die die 105 bestehenden Ferienhäuser ergänzen. Eine neu
angelegte Promenade mit Gastronomie,
Shops, Beachclub und Indoor-Spielplatz
wird das Angebot abrunden. (JeW)

Dutch Luxury
Holiday Resort Boasts
New Water Slides
Located in the northeastern part of
the Netherlands, Drenthe is one of the
country's greenest provinces. Popular
family day trip destinations include
Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen
(cp. EAP 4/16), which opened in 2016,
as well as indoor theme park Plopsa
Indoor Coevorden. Guests at Hof
van Saksen, a holiday resort which
is also located in the area and calls
itself a luxury resort for families, also
66 EuroAmusement Professional 6/2017

like to visit these destinations. The
resort is managed by holiday park
operator Landal GreenParks, whose
portfolio includes Hof van Saksen.
Along with more than 600 vacation
houses designed in the style of Saxon
farmhouses and containing 3,300 beds,
the resort features five restaurants with
different culinary specialties, a spa
and wellness area, a fitness center, an
indoor play area for children covering
1,000 square meters, and a water
"Over the past few years, the Hof
van Saksen resort has achieved a
considerable increase in capacity and
visitor appreciation," said General
Manager Roland Rozenbroek. In
order to keep it that way, 7.5 million
Euros were invested this year in the
construction of new water slides which
were opened to visitors in the summer.
The three new slides are called
"Presto," "Intenso," and "Bombo" and
collectively measure in at around 420
meters in length. All three start from
the same height on a 25-meter high
slide tower, which was built especially
for this purpose. It is connected to
the existing swimming pool complex,
which includes a competition pool,
whirlpools, a whitewater course, and a
children's wading pool. Dutch company
Van Egdom was commissioned to
design and deliver the new slides,
installing one of its largest funnel
slides for this project. An impressive 19
meters in diameter, the Bombo slide's
funnel is completely covered. Guests
slide together in four-person rafts
reaching speeds of up to 50 kilometers
per hour over the course of the 129.1
meter long stretch. The Intenso slide
uses a two-person raft swishing

through a 178.5 meter long tube,
including four 360° turns and light
effects personally selected by guests
before they take off down the slide. The
Presto is a 115 meter long body speed
slide where guests reach a speed of up
to 60 kilometers per hour for a pure
adrenaline rush.
As the park states, sustainability was
a priority in the construction of the
slides. The selection of companies and
suppliers focused on local providers.
In addition to Van Egdom, K3H
Architecten from Nieuwleusen and
building company Brands Bouwgroep
from Emmen were among those
involved in the installation of the slide
tower and the slide foundations. Dutch
company EVA Optic was responsible
for the various lighting elements in the
new slide tower and staircase. The new
attractions are open to guests eight
years of age and older who are also
at least 1.2 meters tall. As Marketing
and Sales Manager at Hof van Saksen
Kristin Pfalzgraf confirms, the new
range of slides is aimed at teenagers as
a way to expand their target group. The
slide tower was constructed in such a
way that additional slides can be added
at a later point in time.
Landal GreenParks operates 85
holiday parks and is a member of
the Wyndham Destination Network
group. The majority of Landal parks
are located in the Netherlands ­ 54
of them to be exact. But the operator
is also present in Germany, Belgium,
Denmark, Great Britain, Austria,
Hungary, the Czech Republic, and
Switzerland. The group recorded a
total of 2.5 million visitors in 2016.
The gross annual revenue of Landal
GreenParks amounted to a total of 406
million Euros.
And Landal is continuing to expand.
The operator opened its second park
in the UK in the spring of this year. A
new holiday facility is also planned for
Germany: "Waterfront" will be located
in Travemünde on the Baltic See coast.

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