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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2017-Leseprobe

Seite 43 EuroAmusement Professional 6-2017-LeseprobeWaterParks
a 125 meter long normal pipe slide. Both
of these slides feature daylight effect
rings and stripes.
The baby and toddler area was
furnished by Canadian company Vortex.
Youngsters can enjoy two indoor and
outdoor wading pools. A large water
playground featuring a variety of water
spouts, water cannons and fountain
showers is yet another highlight
at Aqualagon. A multi-level water
playhouse construction is equipped
with numerous interactive water play
elements and is joined by a small slide
tower with two pipe slides and one small
wide slide. The entire water play area
for the youngsters covers a space of 377
square meters and can accommodate up
to 250 guests at a time enjoying water
fun to their hearts' content.
The 800 square meter wave pool in the
center of the tropical indoor swimming
hall is very family-friendly. The wave
machine was supplied by Murphys
Wave from Glasgow, Scotland. A
climbing net attached to the pool allows
bathers to "hang around" above the
water for wet and wild fun.

Educational farm
for young and old
The "BelleVie Farm" is an educational
farm for people of all ages and sizes.
The farm is designed like those typically
found in the Brie region. The farmyard
is initially hidden behind high walls and
ditches and surrounded by the many
different attractions and adventure
areas it houses. You can try your hand
as a farm helper here in a playful and
informative way, because after all, on a
farm the goats have to be fed, the cows
have to be milked, vegetables have to be
harvested and bread has to be baked!
Kids help out by feeding the cows and
calves, collecting eggs and cleaning
the animal stalls while their parents
relax in the BelleVie Farm tea room or
go shopping in the BelleVie farm shop
offering fresh products directly from the
adjacent production facility!

Harmony between
humans and nature
The "Extraordinary Gardens" are all
about harmony between humans and
Mother Nature. This 2.1 hectare site
was designed principally by Thierry
Huau and is carefully planted with an
eye to ensuring that the plants here are
in bloom all year round. The gardens
are dedicated to nature's four elements
and are accordingly divided up into four
theme areas.

In the Forest of Legends
The fourth theme area at Villages
Nature is the "Forest of Legends".
This 2.5 hectare forested area is above
all a genuine paradise of myths and
legends for children aged between two
and twelve years old. Playgrounds for
the youngest adventurers are located
in amidst the trees here. With adult
supervision children can also build huts,
climb over rope bridges or explore the
forest and discover myths and familiar
fantasy creatures all around.

Lake view at the center
of Villages Nature
The final theme world, and aside from
Aqualagon the centerpiece of the resort,
is the Lakeside Promenade located
directly on the facility's large lake.
Several restaurants, some with a theme,

serve up both snacks and full-sized meals
to guests. A series of small boutiques
and shops whet the shopping appetite,
while a market offering regional goods
completes the circle of the ecological
products and services on offer at the
Villages Nature vacation park.
The restaurant "Pur etc." fits perfectly
into the ecological concept at Villages
Nature, offering seasonal dishes with
regional vegetables and fruits in line
with the motto "produced locally,
prepared fresh". Fans of traditional
baking will love Villages Nature's
bakery, run by acclaimed master baker
Thierry Meunier.
Whether this nature-loving, ecological
concept will succeed in the end remains
to be seen. The team from Euro Disney,
Pierre et Vacances and the many
architects who participated have in
any case expended plenty of effort to
create an authentic natural environment
combining design elements with a
wide range of attractions. Thanks to
the broad spectrum of products and
services available at Villages Nature,
its close proximity to Disneyland
Paris and the French capital is almost
inconsequential. After all, on its own
Villages Nature offers everything an
exciting and diverse vacation calls
for. But this resort also remains an
outstanding starting point and home
base for anyone interested in visiting
both the amusement park and the
attractive metropolis of Paris.

Typisch Vapiano: Das Front-Cooking-Restaurant
mit Olivenbaum im Zentrum ist eines von mehreren
gastronomischen Angeboten, die den Gästen des
Villages Nature zur Verfügung stehen.
EuroAmusement Professional 6/2017


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