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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 14 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-LeseprobeParks
Der italienische Freizeitpark Leolandia
gehörte 2017 erneut zu den Spitzenreitern in Sachen Besucherzahlenentwicklung.

family-oriented attraction by Italian
company Technical Park. The new
interactive "sidecar" roundabout ride
"Woodside 66" will open at Parc
des Combes in the upcoming season.

(approximately 1.87 million). Opened
in 2016, the attendance figures in
2017 for Wildlands Adventure Zoo in
Emmen, The Netherlands corresponded
exactly with its forecasts of over one
million visitors. For 2018 the zoo is
expanding its range of visitor features
with a Vekoma rollercoaster ­ named
"Tweestryd" ­ that is currently under
construction (cp. EAP News from Febr,
6th, 2017).

The exception makes the rule
In contrast, Cologne Zoo is looking
back on 2017 with great satisfaction,
having registered around ten percent
growth in attendance for a total of
over one million visitors last year.
2018 marks the start of extensive
modernization work at Cologne Zoo.
The Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem,
The Netherlands also enjoyed an
increase in attendance figures, with
approximately 1.16 million guests
passing through the royal zoo's gates
last year. According to a survey of the
zoo's guests, this "storm" of visitors
is attributable in particular to the
opening last summer of the zoo's new
mangrove (cp. EAP 5/2017). Other
events spread over the course of the
year such as the Burgers' Zoo light
festival were also revealed to be real
visitor magnets.
Zoo Zurich, which added two percent
to its 2017 attendance figures with 1.21
million guests, is set to open its new
Australia facility at the end of March
this year.
24 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2018

Major increase at French parks
Several French parks are among those
that experienced increased attendance
figure percentages in 2017, led by the
Alsace region's Parc du Petit Prince:
Since it opened in 2014 this park has
registered enormous development. It
welcomed a total of 200,000 guests
in 2017, an increase in excess of 30
percent over its 2016 figures. The
park will open three new features
in the upcoming season: a film on
the ISS astronaut Thomas Pesquet
(directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff
and Jürgen Hansen), a virtual 360°
balloon ride with a VR helmet, and a
new virtual reality game based on the
"Little Prince" theme called "Le Petit
Prince VR". This new VR game will
be available in the park's "Volcano"
indoor play area and can be played for
an extra charge.
Mathieu Chevalier, Director of the
family-oriented Parc des Combes
amusement park in France's FrancheComté region, is pleased with the
success of the "CANAD'R" Flying
Fury ride built by Technical Park that
opened last year. This new ride proved
to be a driving force in a major jump
in the park's attendance figures: While
in 2016 197,000 guests visited the
park, 2017 saw this figure skyrocket
up to 240,000. This success is behind
the park's decision to invest in another
In Puy du Fou erwartet die Gäste
in diesem Jahr ein neues ShowErlebnis, das sie auf die Spuren
eines französischen Seefahrers und
Entdeckers führt.

The Terra Botanica theme park located
in Angers, France is known above all for
its floral majesty and "green" features.
With total attendance in 2017 of 260,000
guests, the park registered an increase
of over 15 percent above the previous
year. This result means that in the last
three years the attendance figures here
have increased by more than 100,000
At No. 2 in the French amusement park
rankings in 2017 behind Disneyland
Resort Paris is the theme park Puy
du Fou, whose 2.26 million guests in
2017 represent a slight increase over
2016 (The 2017 attendance figures
for Disneyland Paris had not been
released by our printing deadline,
but in 2016 the park welcomed 13.4
million visitors). Puy du Fou is
also anticipating a mild increase
in attendance figures this year and
investing a total of 21 million Euros
into the park this season. One of the
new features for this year will be the
attraction "Le Mystère de La Pérouse",

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