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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 15 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-LeseprobeParks

Der SkyDragster,
Allgäu Skyline Park.

(`Pirate Swamp')
and more, a new
ice cream factory is
also set to open in a
steampunk look.

an immersive experience
taking guests on an
exciting journey with
French explorer JeanFrançois La Pérouse.
Two other French parks
also managed to crack the
magic attendance figure
of two million guests.
Parc Astérix near Paris
welcomed 2.03 million
guests, and was closely
trailed by Futuroscope
which welcomed roughly
two million guests in
2017. Parc Astérix's
new family-oriented Gerstlauer
rollercoaster "Pégase Express" (cp.
EAP 5/2017) made a major contribution
to the increase in visitors, while at
Futuroscope the mild increase is being
attributed to the park's numerous
actions and activities related to its
30 th anniversary (cp. EAP 2/2017).
Futuroscope's Kinémax-pavillion
premiered its latest IMAX film
adventure in February with "Dans les
yeux de Thomas Pesquet" about the
famous French astronaut. April will
witness the opening of the brand-new
attraction "Sébastien Loeb Racing
Xperience" (cp. EAP News from Nov.
23rd, 2017), where guests can look
forward to a 5D simulator attraction
using the very latest in VR technology.
They will be seated in a Peugeot 208
WRX vehicle wearing VR goggles

and a headset to become virtual race
drivers themselves. Parc Astérix is also
excited about the opening of its new
"La Cité Suspendue" accommodation
facility this coming June. This hotel
complex will be spread over three
"villages" and offer guests a choice
of 150 rooms. Both of these parks are
owned incidentally by the Compagnie
des Alpes operating group.
Following a successful 2017 season
with an increase in attendance figures
of 12 percent up to 350,000, the La
Mer de Sable amusement park located
northeast of Paris is sticking to its
development strategy and investing
three million Euros. This Looping
Group park will open a new Mexican
theme area with two new attractions:
"El Condor" (a Wave Swinger from
Zierer) and "Tornado" (a Fiesta
Mexicana from Moser's Rides). In
addition, the park's two main shows are
set to undergo revision. One of these,
the popular riding show "L'Attaque du
Train", will be expanded to include a
grandstand providing 3,000 more seats.

More high-flyers
Germany's Freizeit-Land Geiselwind
began in 2017 to bear its first successful
fruit under new management since
changing hands and coming under the
new direction of showman Matthias
Mölter. The new operator is investing
heavily in the park in 2018. Along with
several SBF Visa rides and attractions
including the safari ride "Dactari
Adventure", the freefall tower "Jungle
Drop", the Splash Battle called

With approximately
300,000 guests
Sweden's Furuvik
amusement park also
experienced a strong
increase in attendance
figures of more than
ten percent last year.
This was driven by the
new Vekoma Family
Boomerang "Fireball" ride along with
popular concert events. According
to official statements from the park,
managing an increase of this magnitude
in 2018 will be difficult. Furuvik has
announced the opening of a new Sally
Corporation interactive dark ride for this
May called "Spökjakten", representing
the overhaul of an older attraction
that had outlived its usefulness.
Furuvik invested some 25 million SEK
(approximately 2.5 million Euros) into
the new theme ride. An extensive report
on this is coming up in one of the future
issues of our magazine.
The positive development of recent years
also continues at the Italian amusement
park Leolandia. In 2017 around 908,600
visitors, approximately 14 percent more
than in the previous year, passed through
the park's gates. This year visitors to
Leolandia can look forward to a brandnew theme area. Skara Sommarland in
Sweden also enjoyed a major increase
in its 2017 attendance figures with a
total of 285,000 guests. Switzerland's
Connyland equally experienced a
significant rise in visitor numbers in
2017, and is investing two million Euros
into a Space Shot by S&S Worldwide for
the upcoming season.
After Mini-Europe was confronted in
2016 with a heavy decline in attendance
figures following the terror attacks in
Brussels, development at the park turned
significantly more positive in 2017 and
the miniature park enjoyed a major
increase in attendance with 330,000
guests. For this season approximately
150,000 Euros is set to be invested into
new mini scenes and the renovation
EuroAmusement Professional 2/2018


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