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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

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Mit einem über 500 Meter langen Bobsled Coaster erhält Walibi Belgium dieses Jahr eine neue familientaugliche Achterbahn.

of the park's walking paths. And sad
but true: In contrast, the neighboring
Océade water park which will celebrate
its 30th anniversary this summer will
finally close its gates for good on
September 30th, 2018, yielding way
to the real estate development project
"Néo" (cp. EAP 5/2017). This closure
represents the closing of a chapter in
European water park history.

Positive development
The successful 2017 season at Theme
Park & Resort Slagharen in The
Netherlands was driven by the new
rollercoaster "Gold Rush" (Gerstlauer),
which was opened last summer (cp. EAP
4/2017), along with the new "Raccoon
Lodges" accommodation facilities. To
make guests' stays all the more pleasant
the park, now in its 55th year, invests
primarily in improving its range of
services and entertainment features this
Together the amusement park Walibi
Belgium and its affiliated indoor water
park Aqualibi welcomed around 1.4
million visitors in 2017, outperforming
the previous year. While the amusement
park is being expanded by a new theme
area called "Exotic World" housing the
new "Tiki-Waka" family rollercoaster
(a more than 500-meter long Bobsled
coaster from Gerstlauer) and a new
adventure trail, the indoor water park is
currently undergoing a complete facelift.
This includes new theming (concept
design: Jora Vision; implementation:
Neverland) plus a 700-square meter
water playground called "Kiddie Bay"
26 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2018

(from Vortex). A total of approximately
12.4 million Euros is being invested in
the expansions and renovations.
Sweden's Gröna Lund (1.68 million),
Playmobil FunPark (approximately
900,000) and Germany's Erlebnispark
Schloss Thurn enjoyed increased
attendance figures in the range of five
to ten percent during 2017. This year
Playmobil FunPark is investing in the
creation of a completely new theme
area called "Feenland" (`Fairyland')
themed with unicorns, elves and
more fantasy creatures aligning with
Playmobil's current popular toy line.
Over three million guests visited
the six Plopsa group parks in 2017.
The group's parks where the guest

features and attractions are primarily
concentrated outdoors faced challenges
with poor weather. In contrast, Plopsa's
Holiday Park in Hassloch, Germany
enjoyed growth in its attendance
figures with a total of 625,000
guests in 2017. They came to see and
experience things like the new theme
area called "The Beach" with its two
attractions "Beach Rescue" (Zierer)
and "Fischerboote" (`Fisher Boats')
(Metallbau Emmeln). The Plopsa
group's enthusiasm for investing in this
German operation continues unabated,
with 7.5 million Euros set to flow into
Holiday Park in 2018. This money will
be used, among other things, to build
"Holiday Indoor", a completely new
indoor area (cp. EAP News from July
25th, 2017), a new water ski stunt show
and new shows with the popular Studio
100 characters.
Plopsaland De Panne (1.325 million
guests in 2017) is set to begin
construction in 2018 on the park's
first theme hotel, and also to conclude
the planning phase for a neighboring
Plopsa-style camping and vacation
village. According to Plopsa group CEO
Steve Van den Kerkhof, the next largescale attraction at De Panne is planned
for 2020 when the park celebrates its
20th anniversary. And by the way, it's
not much longer now until early summer
when the Plopsa group's seventh park,
"Majaland Kownaty" as part of Capital
Momentum's Holiday Park Kownaty,
opens its gates in Poland.
Finnish theme park Särkänniemi
managed a slight increase in its 2017
attendance figures, despite a miserable
summer in terms of the weather. Based
in Tampere, Särkänniemi increased
its ticket sales by seven percent. The
park has announced investments of 1.5
million Euros for the upcoming season.
New features from this investment will
include a new Preston & Barbieri Wave
Swinger with double-seats, located in
the new "Magical Moments" theme
area including a new theme restaurant
and stage.

Der Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf erhält zur neuen
Saison ein interaktives Rundfahrgeschäft.

Another highlight set to open this
spring is "Zones by Särkänniemi", a
new indoor entertainment center in the
city of Lempäälä, located approximately 20 kilometers away from Tampere.

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