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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 19 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-LeseprobeIndoorParks
creative production team known for
its spectacular nature films to create a
unique film experience for the guests at
the nation's first i-Ride attraction. The
filmmakers flew the length and breadth
of The Netherlands for over two years
capturing magnificent footage of the
country's typical beautiful scenery. These
images now make up what spectators
marvel at during the flight experience.

Als Vorbereitung
auf das
erfahren die
Besucher u.a. in
einem Film mehr
über die Geschichte
des Landes und
den Kampf gegen
das Wasser.

The flight experience
The main attraction at This is Holland
is doubtless the huge i-Ride flight
simulator from Brogent Technologies.
This is Holland's Commercial Director
Joost van Berkel explains, "The highly
modern Flying Theater was completed
together with Vekoma, an exclusive
Brogent partner for many years now
supporting this project with its extensive
service and i-Ride expertise. And we
very consciously chose the Brogent
technological system based on the high
quality and their experience in i-Ride
The i-Ride is based on an electrical
motion base with suspended seats
that moves in the direction of a huge
domed projection screen. The close-up
positioning of the seating rows to the
screen and an extremely gentle motion
system create a very realistic simulation
of flight experiences with differentiated
motion patterns for a variety of thrills.
Once the flight simulation passengers
have been moved close to the screen,
their legs hanging free, the breathtaking

eight-minute flight over The
Netherlands' magnificent landscapes
begins. Wind, fog and scent effects make
the experience of flying over dikes and
weathering storms even more realistic
for the passengers. The fragrance of the
fields and meadows in bloom at the De
Hoge Veluwe National Park, the scented
air of the nation's massive tulip fields
and the sea smell of the wild North
Sea are all integrated like clockwork
into the fly-over scenes. The fragrance
experts from German company Magic
Box installed dry fragrance systems
into the effects ceiling positioned above
the seating rows on the Brogent system,
making the dispersal of scents and
fragrances possible at precisely the
right time during the flight simulation.
Anyone at least 1.02 meters tall is
eligible to take the flight simulation.
A total of 40 passengers can enjoy the
same flight spread over two sets of two
gondolas, each with 10 seats.
The Brogent drive system is distinct
for its 6-DOF feature. This makes calm,

agile movements possible and the
location of the motion base behind
the seating rows gives passengers
the impression of actually being in
flight. Rick Rothschild, experienced
themed entertainment creative,
technical consultant and "Soaring"
specialist about this ride system:
"Brogent has created technology
that is transparent to the story." That
"hits the nail on the head", both at
the new This is Holland experience and
at the "Voletarium" opened at
Germany's Europa-Park in 2017
which was also equipped by Brogent
(see EAP 4/2017).
The operators of This is Holland are
pleased with the results delivered in
Amsterdam by the Leisure Expert Group
(responsible for the attraction design),
Creative Director Dennis Bots, EMS &
Cineflight who were responsible for the
flight footage and last but not least, the
technological experts at Brogent. "Our
target is to entertain some 290,000
visitors each year", states Joost van
Berkel confidently.

Theming Consult
Concept & design - Project management - Masterplanning
Turn Key Theming Company
EuroAmusement Professional 2/2018


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