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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

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C.H. Ouyang,
CEO Brogent Technologies, Inc.
EAP: What is so special about an i-Ride?

EAP: Was ist das Besondere an einem i-Ride?
C.H.O.: Normalerweise befindet sich die Motion Base eines Simulationstheaters immer unter der Plattform. Unser Flying Theater
ist das erste, das seine Motion Base hinter der Sitzplattform
anordnet. Das macht die Technik für den Fahrgast unsichtbar ­
wenn die Sitzbank, also die Gondel, in die Leinwand fährt, ist der
Gast tatsächlich vollständig von der virtuellen Realität des Filmes umgeben. Wir haben es sozusagen mit VR ohne Brille zu tun.

C.H.O.: Normally, the motion base of a simulation theater is
always located underneath the platform. Our flying theater is
the first to position its motion base behind the seat platform.
This makes the technology invisible to the passenger, so when
the gondola drives the seat bench into the screen, the guest is
actually completely surrounded by the virtual reality of the film.
We are dealing with VR without glasses, so to speak.

EAP: Das klingt gut, aber die Fahrgäste nehmen doch meistens noch
Geräusche wahr, oder?

EAP: That sounds good, but passengers still notice sounds most
of the time, right?

C.H.O.: Ja, das mag sein. Allerdings ist unser System elektrisch ­ im
Gegensatz zu den meist hydraulischen Systemen der Wettbewerber.
Das Brogent-System ist übrigens aus diesem Grund nicht nur einfach
in der Instandhaltung und besonders leise im Betrieb, sondern die
Bewegungen sind sanft und sehr genau. Ich möchte sogar behaupten,
die Kontrolle unserer Sitze funktioniert auf den Millimeter genau.

C.H.O.: Yes, that may be. However, our system is electric, in
contrast to the mostly hydraulic systems from our competitors.
For this reason, the Brogent system is not only easy to maintain
and very quiet when running, but the movements are smooth and
very precise. I would go so far as to claim that the controls for our
seats are precise down to the millimeter.

EAP: Werden moderne Freizeitattraktionen nicht auch immer störungsanfälliger, je mehr High-Tech verbaut wird?

EAP: Aren`t modern leisure attractions becoming more and more
prone to breakdowns the more high-tech is installed?

C.H.O.: Das sollte eigentlich nicht sein. Wir achten darauf, ausschließlich hochwertige Komponenten zu verbauen. Und unser Theaterdesign ist modular. Normalerweise verwenden wir Gondeln mit
zehn Sitzen. Im Fall des Europa-Parks z.B. kamen sieben Gondeln
mit jeweils zehn Sitzen in jedem der beiden Theater zum Einsatz.
Sollte es einen Ausfall geben, betrifft das nur ein einziges Modul.
Die sechs übrigen Module können unabhängig weiterbetrieben werden. Das minimiert das Ausfallrisiko enorm.

C.H.O.: That actually shouldn't be the case. We make sure that
only high-quality components are installed. And our theater
design is modular. We usually use ten-seat gondolas. In the
case of Europa-Park, for example, seven gondolas with ten seats
each were used in each of the two theaters. If there were to be
a failure, it would only pertain to one module. The six remaining
modules can be operated independently. This minimizes the risk
of breakdowns enormously.

at Shangshun World in Taiwan.
Brogent`s GestureMagic system offers
an effect-driven 4D experience and
motion-based interaction with any
type of media content for single-player
or group use. In general, this is an
interesting option for any walkthrough
or indoor attraction.
At least four more flying theaters will be
built this year following the i-Ride This is
Holland. After the newly-created Amikoo
Park announced the construction of a
"Fly Over Mexico" experience with 66
seats (cp. EAP 1/2018), the Dreamworld

park in Australia has also announced
its intention to bring an i-Ride with 40
seats into operation at the end of 2018.
This is intended to replace the former
IMAX theater.
One of the largest i-Ride theaters
to date, however, is being built in
Abu Dhabi at Warner Bros. World,
which is still under construction. The
theme park on Yas Island, which is
being created on an approximately
15-hectare piece of land, will be the
future home of "Green Lantern:
Galactic Odyssey" ­ one of the world`s

largest flying theatres. Although neither
developers nor manufacturers want to
further comment on this installation, it
is certain that Abu Dhabi will receive
an i-Ride. The new Warner Bros. World
park is set to open in the summer with
29 attractions ready for its guests.
Flying ­ floating freely through the air
like a bird ­ and viewing either real
landscapes or fantasy worlds from
above will also continue to garner
public demand, making it an interesting
option for investors in the leisure and
tourism industry.
EuroAmusement Professional 2/2018


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