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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 26 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-LeseprobeWaterParks
Der neue Rutschenturm
präsentiert sich außerordentlich farbenfroh
und macht schon von
weitem Lust auf einen

Interactive tube slides with replay value

Aside from the two body slides, three tube slides have been
installed, all of which feature an interactive effect selection
at the start. Therefore, the slide provides a unique experience
each time returning guests enjoy the slide. "Poseidon`s
Peril" is a Super Crater bowl slide.
Guests use sliding tubes that simulate
diving down into the deep seas.
The slide starts with a long, steep
straight section with a constant slope,
illuminated by running lighting effects.
After steady acceleration, guests turn
with high speed into a narrow bend to
the right, leading into a large, covered
bowl. The bowl, which is white from the
inside, is animated by projection effects,
the theme of which depends on the
program guests select at the start of the
Transluzente Abschnitte ermöglichen den
ride. After a few rotations around the
Zuschauenden, einen Blick auf die rutschenden
Badegäste zu erhaschen.
bowl, guests reach the middle and leave
via another tube slide section, which
Attractions made in Holland
safely leads the guests back to the ground level. The total
length is round about 90 metres.
The probably most notable novelty in the park is the slide
tower. Until the renovation, the water park only had three
The "Maelstrom" is another tube slide featuring two Crazy
slides, which earned a certain cult status as they were
Cone elements. After an S-bend with different coloured LEDbuilt by the "legendary" manufacturer PPK Promoplast.
effects the guests select at the start, they pass a long straight
But now, the aged tower was dismantled and replaced by
section that features a glass segment. After a small jump, the
a new installation with five colourful "Giant Waterslides"
slide leads into the first "Cone". In this sloped cone element,
altogether. All five slides were delivered by the Dutch
the guests slide from left to right alongside projection effects.
manufacturer Van Egdom, who already has realised several
After passing a helix with colourful daylight strips, the guests
projects across the UK, e.g. for Center Parcs.
will approach the second cone, which, in contrast to the first
one, envelops the guests in complete darkness. At the outlet of
The fastest of the new attractions is the turbo slide dubbed
the cone, guests slide through a water veil with projections of
"The Cannon". The 67 metre deep-red, Tube 800 extends
moving images ­ a memorable effect that provides a pleasant
down in a steep, wild spiral. Daylight effects increase the
surprise before the end of the ride. After a few more meters,
feeling of speed, and guests can record their speed and times
the Maelstrom ends in a shallow water landing pool.
with additional monitoring
The third tube slide was dubbed "Storm
Chaser". Though the 111 metre (core
The "Aqua Splash" body
length) blue-white Tube 1,400 does not
slide on the other hand is
offer any special bowl or cone features, but
more family-friendly. This
rather provides guests with a continuously
classic tube slide features
fast and furious sliding experience. The
colourful LED-lighting
curvy slide is lit up by colourful LEDeffects, which guests
effects, which illuminate the white inner
select from eight different
sides of the tube. Coloured daylight rings
effect programs at the
have also been integrated into the GRP.
start of their journey. In
addition the Tube 1,200 is
The new ,,Coral Reef" installation
equipped with the Aquacreates a new and diverse slide landscape
Smash system: guests must
that features a multitude of interactive
touch as many illuminated
elements. Nearly all the slides will
touch-points as possible in
motivate guests to take multiple rides to
order to gather points. In
try out the different features.
contrast to the other slides,
Aqua Splash finishes with a
Die Startsequenz wird per Ampel geregelt und an
so-called plunge exit into a
vier der Großrutschen wählt der Gast an einem
large landing pool.
Panel die Art seines Abenteuers vorab aus ...
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