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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 36 EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-LeseprobeBadeWelten
dieses eventuell später nachzurüsten ­,
kann das Schwimmbad in Laatzen auch
im Sommer mit einem entsprechenden
Angebot unter freiem Himmel punkten.
Noch ist dem Freibad in Langenhagen
keine Absage erteilt worden, konkrete
Pläne gibt es indes ebenfalls noch nicht.
Nach dem Wegfall des Hallenfreibades
Godshorn sind es vor allem die Anwohner, die sich schon jetzt wieder eine
Outdoor-Schwimmmöglichkeit für den
Sommer wünschen. (JSch)

Der Außen-Pool ist über
eine Schleuse aus der Halle

Following 45 years of service the
Hallenfreibad Godshorn public
swimming pool in Langenhagen,
Germany was closed at the end of
August last year. The pool is now being
replaced by a new bathing complex
called Wasserwelt Langenhagen which
opened on October 16th, 2017 at a cost
of 27 million Euros. Construction on
this new 60,000 square meter sports

and leisure facility for the whole family
was completed in 32 months.
Wasserwelt Langenhagen was designed
by the architects at 4a Architekten
from the city of Stuttgart, with the
Constrata company from Bielefeld,
Germany responsible for the project
management. The result is a light-filled
structure featuring seven different
swimming pools, altogether comprising
a total water surface of 1,011 square
meters. Standard features include a
competitive pool, an instruction pool
and an area for small
children, as do a dive
pool with a three-meter
tower and a small outdoor
swimming pool. The look
of the new facility is sleek
chic in glass, stainless steel
and béton brut concrete,
"warmed up" with discreet
touches of painted surfaces
here and there, light and
a reserved use of wooden
The city of Langenhagen
financed the project
completely from its own
budget, with no necessity
for taking out a separate
loan of any kind. The
facility's proximity to the
Airport generates notable
business tax earnings for
the city.
Since its opening the bathing complex
has also been allocated its own bus
stop, integrating it fully into the
city's public transport system. All
seven pools, ranging from adventure,
children's fun and sports through to
the year-round outdoor pool, are all
equipped with top quality VitaLight
LED underwater spotlights from
Hugo Lahme. The complex's look is
attractive, with large glass fronts and
mysterious lighting, which looks most
impressive in the early morning and in
the evening.

Auch Sportschwimmer kommen
zum Zuge: sechs Bahnen stehen im
25 Meter langen Sportbecken zur

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