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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2018-Leseprobe

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In Maisel's Bier-ErlebnisWelt wird Besuchern nicht
nur ein Brauereimuseum
geboten, auch der
Brauprozess wird live

dem Biersommelier Michael König in geselliger Runde Fragen
rund ums Bier beantwortet. Nach der Erweiterung des bestehenden Bier-Museums um den direkten Einblick in die handwerkliche Braukunst und die Gastronomie konnte Maisel's
Bier-Erlebnis-Welt knapp 20.000 Besucher p.a. verzeichnen
­ ein Plus von 30 Prozent. (AS)

Maisel`s Beer World
As far back as 4,000 BCE. there are historical accounts
of beverage in Sumeria, present day Iraq, between the
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Today the product is a popular
consumer good in many regions of the world. We`re talking
about beer, an alcoholic beverage brewed from barley malt,
hops, yeast and water. Beer-themed festivals, restaurant
terraces that become beer gardens, and even beer museums
testify to the fact that this ,,barley juice" is more than
just a cheer-inducing thirst quencher: beer is a cultural
experience. A veritable `El Dorado' for beer fans, Bavaria
alone has around 30 beer museums and
numerous historic breweries. In particular,
the region of Upper Franconia is well
known for its high density of breweries
and typical wheat beer. One popular
brand is ,,Maisel`s Weiße" from Bayreuthbased Maisel Bros. Brewery, a family
company now led by Jeff Maisel, the fourth

In order to help locals and tourists experience
the world of beer and the brewery`s broad
brand portfolio, Jeff Maisel came up with
a special idea for the brewery`s historic
brewhouse. Covering 4,500 square metres,
Maisel`s Beer World offers detailed insight
into the history and the artisanal nature of
brewing beer.

A tour guide leads guests through the mill,
hops chamber, brewery and fermenting cellar,
where they explain how diverse variations in
beer can be made from the basic ingredients.
Established a few years ago, Maisel &
Friends is a brewhouse workshop for craft
beer that emphasises creativity in the brewing process. The
tank has a capacity of 25 hectolitres, and visitors have an
opportunity to watch a brewmaster at work.
Maisel's Beer World also features an impressive brewing
museum, including a collection of over 5,500 different beer
vessels and mugs and 400 enamel signs from numerous
breweries and beer brands. An equally extensive collection
of beer coasters is a thrill for collectors.
The beer experience is rounded out with the in-house pub
Liebesbier, where tasting is encouraged: 21 beers on tap
and 90 bottled beers offer myriad options, including exotic
creations like the Choco Porter craft beer with bittersweet
chocolate notes under the Maisel & Friends label, or Jeff
Maisel's personal creation, Jeff's Bavarian Ale. The most
popular varieties are also available to take home from the
beer shop.
Thanks to an expansion of the existing beer museum, the
pub, and a direct glimpse into the world of artisanal craft of
beer brewing, Maisel's Beer World greeted almost 20,000
visitors per year, a 30% increase.

Die Marke ,,Maisel & Friends" steht für exotische Craft Beer-Kreationen, die nicht nur in Flaschen erhältlich sind, sondern im Liebesbier frisch vom Fass gezapft werden.

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