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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2018-Leseprobe

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An den verschiedenen Stationen der
Attraktion werden die Reiseetappen
dargestellt ­ von Kap Hoorn bis Alaska ...

Besuchermarke zu knacken und damit
seine Position auf Platz zwei der meist
frequentierten Freizeitparks Frankreichs
weiterhin zu behaupten. (FM)

A new masterpiece
by Puy du Fou
Once again the industrious team
of Grand Parc du Puy du Fou has
embarked on a challenging project. With
"Le Mystère de La Pérouse" the French
theme park, which celebrated its 40th
anniversary only last year, is once more
taking on an artistically and technically
challenging task. Exploiting the limits of
creativity, developing new concepts and
sometimes taking risks when it comes to
breaking new ground ... these are all part
of the strategy of a park whose primary
goal is to offer its visitors new surprises
on a regular basis.
The new show ­ created with a budget
of ten million euros ­ takes visitors
back to the 18th century on board a
French naval ship which sets out on
a dangerous expedition across the
world`s oceans. Only two years after
the inauguration of "Le Dernier
Panache" (see EAP 3/2016), the park
has created another production on an
ambitious scale ­ proving once again
that it has an outstanding talent for
"Our strategy is to constantly create
something new, not only so that we can
offer our visitors regular new features,
but also to permanently set ourselves
new challenges rather than simply
resting on our laurels," explains Nicolas
de Villiers, President of Puy du Fou.
40 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2018

Laurent Albert, General Director of
Grand Parc, adds: "More than ten
years ago we noticed that although
visitors love our elaborate shows,
there are also many among them who
dream of being part of the on-stage
action themselves. We have now found
a way to make this possible, enabling
visitors to become part of the show
themselves and meet our characters.
We have implemented this in the form of
an immersive walk-through attraction.
From an artistic perspective this is a
completely different approach, because
the experience is much more intense
and intimate."

Telling a story
Unlike in the past, however, in the
development of the scenarios the
focus is now more on the details of
the thematic environment, in order
to make the visitor experience as
authentic as possible. "The challenge
in telling a story is to find something
that touches people. It`s all about
generating emotions," says Nicolas
de Villiers. The recipe for success
is always the same: the story told to
visitors is a journey back in time,
inspired by real historical events
linked to the Vendée (the area in which
the park is located). And an element
of romance is of course an essential
ingredient ...
The story of "Le Mystère de La
Pérouse" revolves around a plate found
in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.
The plate carries the emblem of a noble
family from the Vendée, whose ancestor
was once lieutenant on a ship and the
right-hand man of the explorer JeanFrançois de La Pérouse. The discovery
of the plate takes visitors back 230
years into the past, to the quayside of a

port ... in the age of the great maritime
expeditions that were carried out at the
command of the French king. Visitors
board the ship "Astrolable", one of two
frigates that embarked on an eventful
voyage of adventure around the world.
In the course of the voyage the guests
witness the various stages of the
voyage, right up to the tragic fate that
befell the crew after a severe storm in
the Pacific ...

Implementation & technology
The project is impressive: in a building
with an area of 2,650 sqm (twice as
large as "Les Amoureux de Verdun",
see EAP 3/2016), visitors walk through
the 335-metre-long course in about
20 minutes. Up to ten costumed
actors whom the visitors encounter
breathe life into the story. "It`s a true
technological masterpiece, the result
of a long development process that we
began five years ago," says Laurent
In concrete terms, the new attraction
is intended to give visitors the feeling
that they are actually on board an 18th
century frigate. To make the scenery
look as realistic as possible, the park
commissioned real shipbuilders to
create a wooden structure in the
shape of a ship. Countless historical
objects and props adorn the various
stations of the walk-through. Above all,
however, a great deal of work has been
invested behind the scenes to make the
experience as immersive as possible for
visitors. Nicolas de Villiers explains:
"Our goal is to combine different
technologies in such a way that they
enhance the emotional content and
the show itself in the best possible
way ­ and while remaining invisible to
visitors, of course."

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