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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2018-Leseprobe

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Halfpipe-Elemente sind beliebt
­ hier als Schlusselement einer
In Rascal's Round-Up-Wasserspielhaus, in dem sich Groß und Klein
vergnügen können, bleibt kein Haar trocken.

jedem Wochenende erreicht", so Chelsey Lamar, Director of
Marketing & Events bei Epic Waters. Sie fügt hinzu: ,,Schon
im Voraus können unsere Gäste ihre Tickets online kaufen. So
gehen wir sicher, dass sie uns am gewünschten Tag besuchen
können und nicht stattdessen vertröstet werden müssen bis wir
irgendwann wieder Luft nach oben haben."
Die Stadt Grand Prairie, Betreiber des Wasserparks, rechnet
mit 500.000 Badegästen pro Jahr und sieht für den Betrieb des
Erlebnisbades ein Budget von sechs Mio. US-Dollar vor. Neben dem fertiggestellten Ü50-Fitnesspark ,,The Summit" und
dem Epic Waters Waterpark wird im Sommer 2018 der In- und
Outdoor-Abenteuerspielplatz PlayGrand Adventures eröffnen.
Die für alle Altersklassen gedachte Freizeiteinrichtung wird
derzeit auf einem zehn Hektar großen Gelände gebaut und soll
dann einzigartige und herausfordernde Spielmöglichkeiten für
Jung und Alt bieten. (JSch)

Epic Waters As Part of
Monumental Recreational Facilities
The 170-acre (approximately 425,000 square meters)
EpicCentral recreational site in Grand Prairie, Texas, is
a large-scale, municipally-managed project dedicated to
combining leisure, entertainment and fitness facilities in
one location. Accordingly, several recreational features
are now located on this huge site. "The Summit" is a
recreational and fitness facility specially designed for
active adults over 50 years of age. Large fitness rooms
with targeted, group-oriented training equipment and
appropriate courses are there to help keep guests fit and
healthy into old age. The Summit was the first facility to
open in Dallas County's "Central Park" in 2010.
"The Epic", a 120,000-square-meter "Life Changing
Center", has multi-purpose sports fields with integrated
seating for competitions, a large atrium with a high-tech
library, a theater, a recording studio, and a large fitness
center. In addition, there is an indoor sports pool with a
countercurrent system. An amphitheater with over 3,500 seats
for open-air performances and concerts is located outside.
72 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2018

Epic Waters, an indoor waterpark that can be used all year
round, was just opened in January 2018. The imposing
structure with a large glass roof was designed by the
architecture firm Lee Lewis Construction Inc. of Texas. The
roof was designed and built by OpenAire of Canada. The
total size of the glass construction is around 62,000 square
feet (approximately 5,800 square meters) and it is supported
by some 40 retractable, curved sliding elements. The
supporting construction is made of 280 tons of aluminum and
the highest point of the canopy is 83 feet (approximately 25.3
meters). Thanks to the sliding elements, the roof can be fully
opened, allowing the indoor waterpark to be transformed
into a gigantic open-air pool under the Texas sun at the touch
of a button. The roof stays closed during rainy and cooler
weather. The roof construction is fitted with 18 windows that
tilt open and 35 that move to provide fresh air.
As such, one of the largest covered waterparks in North
America has been created in Grand Prairie, Texas under a
single large retractable glass roof. Over two million liters of
water are constantly circulated by the filter systems to ensure
clean and safe fun in the pools and on the slides. The total
water surface indoors is comparatively small. A fun adventure
pool in the middle of the facility is surrounded by a 600-foot
(approximately 183-meter) long Lazy River. The Lazy River
is not only designed for gentle drifting, but also transforms at
specific times into a wave channel with a strong current and
surging waves. It is also the longest water channel of its kind in
Texas. The "Rascal`s Round-Up" water playhouse is equally
suitable for children and adults. Numerous water cannons,
geysers, fountains, and a 1,135-liter capacity tipping bucket
guarantee that no one stays dry!
A FlowRider surf facility from WhiteWater West is available
for surfers to enjoy. And there is an additional water area
located outdoors. The 930-square-meter outdoor wave pool
features a flat, easily accessible beach-style entry. To provide
a corresponding "beach feeling," the strength of the wave
swells changes periodically.
The primary focus during the development of the water park
and the planning of the attractions was on the slides. Eleven
giant waterslides from Canadian company WhiteWater West
are distributed throughout the Texan waterpark. Three of
the slides are unique in their featured form. The installation

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