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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 47 EuroAmusement Professional 3-2018-Leseprobeof these three slides at Epic Waters waterpark represent the
premier of these WhiteWater West slide models. The "Lasso
Loop" looping slide starts from a height of over 21 meters,
making it the highest of its kind in the USA. It starts with a
rocket launch and after a freefall sliders shoot through a helix
with a 45-degree incline and are then led into the shallow
landing pool.
The giant slide christened the "Yellowjacket Drop" is a
combination of a tube pipe slide and a half-pipe as the
finishing element. The slide starts with a long starting pipe
with several spirals. It subsequently goes down a steep hill
and then into the half-pipe. With ball elements integrated into
the pipe slide, the "Aquanaut" is WhiteWater West`s version
of a dome tube slide in which sliders swing back and forth and
then turn at a 90-degree angle. A unique feature of this slide
is that bathers slide with double-tubes instead of single tubes,
allowing for greater speed and more pendulum movements
in the two domes. Fans of mat slides will get their money`s
worth on the "e-Racers." Sliders first race through a starting
pipe section on four lanes and then steeply down on four
parallel lanes. The "Texas Twist" and "Prairie Plunge" body
pipe slides complete the slide selection. Additional slides can
be found in the aforementioned water playhouse.
A self-service restaurant has been integrated to provide
refreshment for guests during their stay at Epic Waters
waterpark. Guests visiting the water park in groups of up to
eight people and looking for a place to retreat to and relax
from time to time can book one of the so-called "cabana
rentals". Depending on the day of the week, the private
seating and resting area costs between $150 and $200. Along
with plenty of peace and quiet, a television and personal
butler service for your cabana are included in the price.
Those interested in celebrating company parties or big family
birthdays at the waterpark will benefit from the meeting
rooms, which can be booked separately and include catering
service. And the entire waterpark can even be booked for
events after the official closing time of 9pm. Up to 1,500
people can then enjoy themselves in "private" company.
"We are seeing an exciting, overwhelming amount of guests
visiting on Fridays and on the weekends. Our capacity is
1,500 guests, and we have reached that every single weekend
since we opened on January 12th," says Chelsey Lamar,
Epic Waters' Director of Marketing & Events. "We have been
selling tickets on our website ahead of time so guests can
be guaranteed admission on the day that they would like to
visit, and avoid being turned away until we are no longer at
capacity on any given day."
The city of Grand Prairie, the operator of the waterpark,
expects 500,000 visitors annually. The city has planned a
budget of $6 million for the operation of the adventure pool.
In addition to "The Summit," the completed fitness park for
guests over 50 years of age, and the Epic Waters waterpark,
the PlayGrand Adventures indoor and outdoor adventure
playground will open in summer 2018. This recreational
facility, which is intended for all age groups, is currently
under construction on a ten-hectare site.

Bring the Ultimate Outdoor
Experience Indoors
The City of Grand Prairie wanted to give their
citizens a waterpark that would live up to its
EPIC name. The first item they selected was a
retractable roof by OpenAire.
For almost 30 years, OpenAire has been an
industry leader in custom retractable roofs. The
all aluminum structures require virtually no
maintenance. Our designs and innovations have
brought the best of both the indoors and the
outdoors to nearly 1,000 venues around the
world, including hundreds of aquatic facilities.
OpenAire lets in natural light and ventilation
365 days a year, giving guests the perfect
atmosphere year-round while saving owners
up to 27% annually on energy.
Epic Waters ranked #2 of the Top 5 Indoor Water
Parks in Texas and #5 of the 8 Most Incredible Indoor
Water Parks in the USA.

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EuroAmusement Professional 3/2018


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