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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 65 EuroAmusement Professional 3-2018-Leseprobefruity smoothie bowls and exotic, spicy sushi bowls that are
currently very popular. Here the saying "You also eat with
your eyes!" is right at home!
3. It has to be healthy!
Adjectives such as organic, ultra-fresh, regional, and
free from ..." are catchphrases for quality products that
are benefiting from the healthy nutrition megatrend in
Europe. Partly as an indicator of the population's increased
health awareness and partly the result of clever marketing
campaigns, the topic of "health food" is increasingly everpresent. While more and more trendy restaurants are popping
up virtually everywhere and classical restaurants are also
including vegan dishes on their menus, such highly praised
organic products are unlikely for now to pose any real "threat"
to the classic fast food frequently sold in amusement parks.

Responding to the Trends
The start-up company Lizza (the name was derived from
"low-carb pizza") has jumped on the trend of "healthy"
products for the out-of-home market. For a year now, the
young team has been operating in B2B channels with its
product of the same name, "Lizza", which was initially
introduced exclusively for retail trade. The ready-dough not
only promises a low-calorie food based on flax and chia
seeds, but it's also organic, vegan, and gluten-free. For nonvegans, the Lizza dough, which has already been joined by
wraps and noodles in the company`s product range, can of
course also be topped with pepperoni and cheese to their
heart`s content.

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EURO Professional

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Internationale Fachzeitschrift für die Fach- und Führungskräfte der Freizeitwirtschaft

The company fresh connection, based in Bad Hersfeld,
Germany, also promises to forgo artificial flavors, coloring
agents, and preservatives and offers sweet treats based
on iced milk. The concept is simple: To produce a "Love
Shake", for example, the customer fills a freezer supplied
by the company with customary milk. This is then mixed
with a sachet of the fundamental base and then frozen to
a smooth, ice cream-like consistency. The drink is poured
into a cup and topped with whipped cream and one of seven
different flavored sauces available to guests. In addition,
fresh connection offers additional product brands such as
the "fresh waffle", "fresh crepes", and the hot beverage
"SchoKurt" in various flavors. For these products the brand
names can be replaced by the customer's private label. Aside
from high product quality, the company's main claim is
primarily the time saved for employees. With this system they
can dedicate themselves principally to sales thanks to the
simple preparation procedure.
Ice-cold, fruity and fresh, and ready to serve: this is how
the young Berlin-based company kukki GmbH presents its
deep-frozen bottled cocktails. They come with a fruit garnish
and ice cubes and are "heated" to an ice-cold drinking
temperature in a specially developed toaster for 30 seconds
using infrared radiation. The glass bottle and ice cubes
remain intact in the process. The fresh to-go drinks require
hardly any logistical effort. There's no need for an ice cube

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