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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2018-Leseprobe

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chili, and salsa chili flavors. But Asian flavors
have also found their way into the product range:
In keeping with the motto "Asian style", hearty
snacks including rice crackers with "Thai sweet
chili" or wasabi flavors are now available in the
confectionery line.
MonsterSlush, a family-owned company founded
in Dusseldorf in 1998 and now based in NeussHolzheim, is celebrating its 20 th anniversary this
year. The company started back then in the thentrendy market for slushies with twelve products
under the management of founder and Managing
Am Messestand des Coca-Cola-Konzerns konnten sich potentielle Kunden durch das
Director Hubertus Didam. Today, the cold syrup
umfangreiche Getränkesortiment probieren.
mix drink has firmly established itself as a popular
refreshment in numerous leisure facilities. MonsterSlush
now has 35 products in its range. According to Didam,
machine or dishwasher, a juice or spirits selection, cut fruit,
the absolute "top slush" is the blueberry variety. Effective
or glasses, and therefore practically no waste is produced
immediately, the product range now includes a frozen yogurt
aside from the empty glass bottle and plastic straw. Once
from the slush machine and refreshing alcoholic slush
toasted, the company promises the bottled cocktails will
cocktails available for adults as the popular cocktail classics
remain cold for over an hour. Thanks to delivery and storage
at -18 degrees Celsius, the product doesn't need any artificial "Sex on the Beach", "Piña Colada", and "Tequila Sunrise".
colorants and preservatives.
Beverage giant Coca-Cola introduced a refreshing innovation
in its iced tea division at the beginning of this year. "Fuze
Unilever Food Solutions (a division of the Unilever Group)
Tea" is a beverage consisting of tea extract, fruit juice
is bringing the exotic tastes of Thailand to Germany`s
concentrate, and herbs that is low in sugar thanks to the use
commercial kitchens. A wide variety of dishes can be created
of stevia sweetener. "Honest Organic Tea" is a new premium
with its newly developed curry pastes in yellow, green, and
product for iced tea lovers that will be introduced onto
red (with sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and hot flavor qualities).
the market this summer. The beverage is a comparatively
Mix one of the two pastes with warm or cold coconut milk
low-calorie iced tea variety bottled in sustainable, reusable
or alternatively with broth and then round it off with meat,
fish, vegetables, and/or spices as you like. Two new flavors, a glass bottles in three certified organic flavors: lemon-honey,
coconut powder and a lime powder, have been created to lend raspberry-basil and peach-rosemary.
an extra exotic touch to each dish.
The food specialists at Salomon FoodWorld
are going with digitalization and have
expanded their product range catalogue
with augmented reality technology. This
means potential customers who want to
find out about new products such as the
"Homestyle Simmental Burger" (aimed at
serving current trends such as craftsmanship
and regionalism) are already provided with
virtual concepts for staging the products as
well as alternative variations for the dishes.
The PCO Group presented its new "Crunchy
Crisps" product at Internorga. This potatobased snack is intended to supplement the
"nibbles" product range in bars and kiosks
in handy 200-gram packages. The potato
corners can be stored in a warmer at the
sales stand along with their packaging so
that these crunchy crisps with dip can be
enjoyed lightly warmed-up. For the cinemas
and amusement parks in the country, the
PCO Group is following the US "gourmet
popcorn" trend and has expanded its hearty
popcorn line to include cheese, paprika
108 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2018

Das Unternehmen Procusini, das im Newcomer-Bereich der Internorga ausstellte,
präsentierte den Messebesuchern ein 3D Food Printing-System, mit dem sich Lebensmittel
individuell und kreativ in Form bringen lassen.
In the newcomers` area, Procusini presented its innovative 3D food printing system,
which allows users to create artistical food shapes as eye-catching decoration elements
or merchandising products.

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