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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2018-Leseprobe

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Den für einen Boomerang
typischen Lift gibt's hier im

with earlier Family Boomerangs
and are thus far more convenient,
the ride is open to people between
0.95 and 2.05 metres in height ­ a
remarkably wide range.

of an amusement park by installing its
"Tweestryd" attraction.
Vekoma supplied two 60 km/h roller
coasters with a height of 20 metres
and a track length of 218 metres each.
These are the two longest Junior
Boomerang rides delivered to date, with
their familiar Shuttle Coaster design.
In some sections the lines run side by
side, while at one point the two trains,
each offering space for 20 passengers,
also race toward each other. Vekoma
calls this pioneering
constellation the
"Boomerang Racer".
With its Tweestryd,
Wildlands Adventure Zoo
has launched a unique
roller coaster attraction
in the Benelux countries.
Because of its altitude
profile and in spite of its
occasional backwards
travel it appeals to a
broad target group. And
thanks to the holding
brackets which have been
redesigned in comparison
Durch viele bodennahe
Elemente fühlt sich das
Achterbahn-Duell noch
rasanter an.

12 EuroAmusement Professional 4/2018

As both sides of Tweestryd take
different routes, many visitors
will be encouraged to take a
second trip immediately after the
first one. What is exciting is that
the choice of side ­ which has
to be made by passengers while
they wait in the queue ­ acts in
the interests of a good cause:
Wildlands Adventure Zoo has
entered into a cooperation with
the aid organisation ActionAid,
which will receive a donation
at the end of the year. If the red
side of Tweestryd wins the most
races throughout the year, sustainable
agriculture will be promoted in Africa,
while the blue side is linked to fair
mining conditions. Monitors at the
station inform guests about the current
status of the contest and also announce
the winner of the last race, which is
usually the heavier of the two trains.
With this promotion Wildlands
Adventure Zoo not only succeeds in
giving Tweestryd an educational,

nature-affirming background story, but
also backs up the mining theme which
has been chosen. This runs through
the entire area around Tweestryd: the
queue starts in an underground gallery
and leads past a mine train, mining
machinery has been arranged under
the roller coasters and the buildings
have also been designed in line with the
Serenga, the large African area of the
Wildlands Adventure Zoo, is completely
separate from the other themed areas.
It is elongated and partly laid out as a
circuit with a recommended direction
of travel for visitors. From here a path
branches off to the extremely quiet
roller coasters which, together with a
small snack bar, a climbing structure
and toilet facilities, form a closed area
of their own.
Because of the height of the lift
structure and its contours Tweestryd
is visible from far away, which also
attracts visitors. The monochrome
metal structure of the attraction and
its absence of design ornamentation
leave a strong geometric impression,
which takes some getting used to and is
perhaps a matter of taste. It contrasts
with the otherwise very natural design
of the park, but passengers will
certainly not be put off by this. And
Wildlands Adventure Zoo will probably
even manage to expand its target group
with the Tweestryd.

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