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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2018-Leseprobe

Seite 33 EuroAmusement Professional 5-2018-LeseprobeInterview:
Christer Fogelmarck,
CEO Parks & Resorts Scandinavia
"We don't want to develop our parks without any relation to
their history ­ we are proud of our history!"
Gröna Lund, Kolmården, Skara Sommarland, Furuvik and
Aquaria are all owned and operated by Swedish operating
group Parks & Resorts Scandinavia. The group achieved
new record results last year with revenues in excess of 1.3
billion Swedish Kronor and a total of 3.2 million guests
at its five parks. We spoke with CEO Christer Fogelmarck
about his company's investment strategy and corporate
targets for the next few years.
EAP: Christer, you've recently opened an overhauled family
attraction to the public with "Spökjakten" at the Furuvik
park. What does a retrofit project like this tell us about the
strategic direction of Parks & Resorts Scandinavia?
Christer Fogelmarck (CF): The story with the Spökjakten
project was like this: The existing building was still in good
shape and the position of the attraction in the park also fit in
with our strategic plans for this particular park. Everything
simply made sense for us, so we decided to overhaul and
renovate the attraction. Of course, we could have built
something completely new. But we don't want to develop
our parks without any relation to their history ­ we are
proud of our history! And with a project like this we can give
something back to our visitors.
EAP: What will the overall investment strategy for the Parks
& Resorts Scandinavia group be like in the next few years?
What are your priorities?
CF: Given the fact that we're a family company, we've
invested heavily in the further development of our operations
in recent years. Since the takeover of the group in 2006 by
our current owners, who include Johan Tidstrand as majority
owner, we've invested a total of 1.7 billion Swedish Kronor.
This means that investments are an important component of
our corporate strategy. All of the group's parks have been
around for several years. For example, Skara Sommarland
started up in the 1980s, and Gröna Lund even opened in
1883! At the time of the takeover some ten years ago the
parks were showing their age, so for that reason alone a lot
of money has gone into renewing and improving them.
At present our strategy is two-fold. A certain share of course
goes into constantly improving the working conditions for
our employees, and another is naturally aimed at optimizing
the guest facilities and attractions at our parks. We pursue
a double-tracked investment strategy nowadays: At least
every two years we add something new to each park, either
a new ride, a show or a new theming, something in any case
that is special and attracts people. At the same time we focus
over a period of time ranging from one to three years in a
EuroAmusement Professional 5/2018


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