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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2019-Leseprobe

Seite 26 EuroAmusement Professional 1-2019-LeseprobeWaterParks
AG. Construction of the new yellow
attraction began in June. For the
Halloween opening the slide tower was
decorated with spooky spiders and
dangling ghosts to match the theme of
the occasion.

neben dem Aufgang zur AquaRocket ­
investierten die Karlsruher Bäderbetriebe insgesamt ca. 500.000 Euro.
Der Auslaufbereich im Keller wurde
während der Bauarbeiten modifiziert.
Aus dem bisherigen Sicherheitslandebecken der Green Viper-Erlebnisrutsche ist
ein Flachwasserauslauf geworden, den
freigewordenen Platz nimmt jetzt der
Auslauf der Tarantula ein. Im Zuge der
Baumaßnahmen wurde außerdem die
Gelegenheit genutzt, das Landebecken
für eine weitere Rutsche in einem noch
nicht zugänglichen Nebenraum unterhalb
der Treppe des Rutschenturms zu schaffen. Rutschenfans dürfen sich also in den
nächsten Jahren auf weitere Attraktionen
im Europabad Karlsruhe freuen. (JSch)

New Tarantula
adventure slide
Thanks to its extensive range of slides
the Europabad in Karlsruhe is now
known among fans as one of the most
exciting adventure pools in BadenWuerttemberg. In addition to a classic
white water slide and an AquaRacer

tube slide, the swimming pool operated
by Karlsruher Bädergesellschaft
mbH also has an AquaRocket turbo
slide and, since 2015, the Green Viper
experience slide. In the second half
of 2017 a decision was taken to build
another giant slide, in order to keep
water slide fans from Germany and
nearby France coming back again and
It was quickly decided that a funnel
chute was to be constructed next to
the existing tubular chutes. Once
again slide experts Jenny and Jens
Schärer from the Internet portal
Rutscherlebnis.de were involved in
planning the equipment of the new
facility, and were able to contribute
ideas and suggestions for a unique
slide experience.
After the success of the Green Viper the
operators again decided on a striking
name for the slide. Accordingly the bird
spider (tarantula) provides not only the
name but also the inspiration for the
theme of the giant slide.
After the invitation to tender and
submission of designs by various
manufacturers, the decision was taken
in favour of Klarer Freizeitanlagen

Before they can enter the slide, on
whose launch tube a model of a giant
spider with glowing eyes is already
visible from the slide tower, sliders
have to wait for the light to turn green
and then pass through a turnstile to
the starting point. They then plunge
into the tube, which is yellow on the
outside and black on the inside. With
a diameter of 800 millimetres it is
reminiscent of classic turbo slides.
Daylight spiders contribute goose
bumps during the slide. After a short
drop the slide continues in a straight
line, heading towards a fake element
spider's web. Shortly before an
impending drop out of the tube there
is a sharp right-hand bend, followed
by a spider's web effect and a
plunge into the funnel. Depending
on momentum three to five circuits
here then lead through a central
opening into a tube and finally into
the flat water outlet in the cellar of the
adventure pool.
The funnel is illuminated by a unique
cover with an LED spider web. In
the middle of the funnel a spider with
sparkling eyes is suspended. Loss of
orientation is inevitable thanks to the
black colouring of the interior and
the mystical lighting. The soundtrack
in the funnel and in the tube is
reminiscent of Harry Potter. The
operators, Karlsruher Bäderbetriebe,
have invested approx. EUR 500,000 in
constructing and marketing the giant
slide, as well as the conversion work on
the slide tower.
In the course of the construction
measures the opportunity was also
taken to create the landing basin for a
further slide in an adjoining, previously
unused area below the stairs of the
slide tower.

Die von außen gelbe Röhrenrutsche
bietet verschiedene DaylightMotive ­ auf der Rutsche krabbeln
die achtbeinigen Tierchen herum.

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