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Das inzwischen dritte Atlantis-Resort
der Kerzner-Gruppe eröffnete 2018
in Sanya.

billion euros was invested. Like the
other two Atlantis hotels, the Sanya
resort offers a water park ( here
with slides from ProSlide) and an
integrated aquarium, both developed
by Falcon's Creative Group.
As usual in areas with the right
climate, the development of our
industry begins with water parks:
For example, since 2015 the Sanya
Dream Water Park has been offering
a wide selection of slides from the
portfolio of the Chinese manufacturer Haisan.
In 2013 Chinese President Xi Jinping once again underlined
the importance of Hainan as a tourist destination by
explicitly making the island an important component of his
"Belt and Road Initiative" and future vision for China. Since
then even more developers from the real estate and leisure
industries have begun to invest in Hainan. As the island
has gained in prominence, so too has the real estate market
grown, with prices rising by more than 70 percent over the
past ten years.

here has skyrocketed since the Chinese government officially
announced in 2009 that it wanted to develop the island as
an international destination and would therefore implement
special regulations for tourist visas and taxation. Whereas
in 2008 there were "only" 20 million visitors, by 2017 this
number had risen to almost 70 million.
With the tourists came the property developers. Almost
all international hotel chains are already present and it is
therefore not surprising that the first leisure facility projects
have been driven forward by hotel operators.
The Mission Hills Resort near the provincial capital Haikou
in the north of the island was opened in 2010 by the Hong
Kong-based Mission Hills Group. Positioned as a golf resort
right from the start, Mission Hills operates ten golf courses,
but has also expanded into other sports and entertainment
segments. In 2013 the Huayi Feng Xiaogang Movie Town
opened as part of the resort. The complex is a classic film
park. In May 2018 a Wet'n'Wild Water Park was also
opened, operated by Australia's Village Roadshow company
and with all its slides designed by WhiteWater West.
In the south of the island, the third Atlantis Resort worldwide
opened its doors at the end of April 2018. After the Bahamas
and Dubai, the operators of the Kerzner Group opted for a
partnership with the Chinese developer Fosun International
and chose Sanya as the location for the resort. Around 1.3
66 EuroAmusement Professional 1/2019

After Huayi, Changchun is the second Chinese film studio in
the process of establishing a film park. The Global 100 Movie
Theme Park is also being built in the north of the island
and the opening of the first phase, with English and Chinese
themes, was planned for December 2018.
The largest project is probably the flower island of the South
Chinese real estate developer Evergrande. The artificial
island is only the first leisure industry project launched by the
group, which is planning locations throughout China. Flower
Island is by far the most ambitious project, however. Once
it is finished it will offer a water, marine life and theme park
in addition to residential and retail properties. Evergrande
states it is investing around 20 billion euros in Hainan.
According to the latest information the opening of the first
phase is planned for 2020. Part of this construction phase is
the World Fairytale Land theme park, which will feature an
S&S roller coaster and a Firestorm type roller coaster from
This makes World Fairytale Land an exception as most other
projects, not only on Flower Island, fall into the category
of marine life parks and therefore usually have an oceanic
theme. The largest Chinese aquarium operator, the Haichang
Group from Dalian in northern China, is building its Fantasy
Town in the south of the island near Sanya, the opening of
which took place in November 2018.
Another project already under construction is the Ocean
Paradise Resort near Lingshui in the south-east of the
island. The investor for this project is R&F Properties from

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