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Im neu gestalteten Solebad ,,360-Grad-Spreewald" können die Gäste entspannen und dabei den Rundum-Ausblick auf das Spreewald-Panorama genießen.

kreis von 150 Kilometern, darunter viele
Berliner und Dresdner. Etwa 20 Prozent
der Besucher sind Spreewaldurlauber,
also Gäste, die einen Aufenthalt im
Spreewald genießen und einen Abstecher in die Spreewelten machen.
Während sich das Familienbad mit seinem bisherigen Angebot vor allem an
Familien mit Kindern im Alter von zehn
bis zwölf Jahren richtete, soll ab sofort ­
insbesondere auch mit den neuen Hightech-Rutschen ­ ebenso die Zielgruppe
der Teenager angesprochen werden.
Künftig rechne man mit jährlich 300.000
Besuchern ­ inklusive Hotelgäste. (JeW)

From family pool to
Penguin Land
North Pole or South Pole?
No, Lübbenau!
A lot has changed at the Spreewelten
Bad in Lübbenau (OberspreewaldLausitz, Germany), the pool where
swimming with penguins has been
possible since 2008 (see EAP 5/2009).
With its current 22 Humboldt penguins
and two keepers the pool is also a
registered zoo. The penguin enclosure
has now been newly showcased: almost
ten years after the initial redesign and
the introduction of the penguins into
the adventure pool ­ a unique feature
Europe-wide ­ there has now been
further investment in the modernisation
of the waterpark and the construction of
a hotel (we reported in EAP 3/2016).
Plans for further development have
been in progress since 2011, and from
68 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2019

Knorrige Baumwurzeln, Fässer, Bruthöhlen, ... die Landschaftsgestaltung im Außenbereich des Geheges
wirkt absolut echt. Und die Show-Fütterungen der Pinguine können an den Glasfronten von der warmen
Badehalle aus verfolgt werden.

2014 the vision has become concrete.
A total of 24 million euros has finally
been invested in the redevelopment
of the complex and the new hotel
building, part of which was financed
by the municipality of Lübbenau as the
owner and part by Spreewelten GmbH
as the operator of the pool and the
hotel. "At Spreewelten we are creating
a leisure beacon that radiates not
just nationwide, but at the same time
strengthens our regional identity with
special stories. Our innovative Penguin
Land is a success story for the entire
Spreewald area," says Michael Jakobs,
Managing Director of Spreewelten.

entrance area, guests are immediately
welcomed by artfully designed murals
featuring penguins in a comic-guise.
This is where the immersion in Penguin
Land, the story of the Spreewald
penguins written especially for the
pool, begins. After changing, guests
are once more met by penguins in
the shower area, where the colourful
penguin paintings (by the Rügen artist
Arvid v. Oertzen) continue. In the pool
area itself the penguin story is told in
different ways in different locations.

After being closed for eight months the
pool was reopened at the beginning of
December 2018. The hotel was able to
welcome its first overnight guests at the
beginning of March this year.

The Berlin creative agency dan pearlman
Erlebnisarchitektur, which by the way
is celebrating its 20th anniversary this
year, was significantly involved in the
creative processes during the expansion
planning and accompanied the project
until the final reopening. The company
initially provided the design planning,
and in the process created a master

Anyone who knew the pool in its
previous state will notice the changes
as soon as they enter the facility. In the

Look & feel

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