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gebaut: Wie
ein Labyrinth
sich der
Rutschenverlauf des 160
Meter langen
Wildbaches in

Becken hat auch ein Kinderplanschbereich inklusive Ottilie-Schlangenrutsche
einen Platz in der Halle gefunden. Eine
Sauna sowie ein warmes Erlebnisbecken
gehören auch hier ebenso zur Ausstattung
wie ein ausgedehntes Fitnessangebot ­
Großrutschen gibt es hier jedoch keine.
Eher traurige Bekanntheit erlangte der
Neubau des LAGO Kortrijk Weide. Nur
wenige Tage vor der geplanten Eröffnung
des neuen Erlebnisbades, die eigentlich
Anfang März 2019 stattfinden sollte,
brannte der Rutschenturm im Erlebnisbereich komplett nieder. Mit insgesamt
fünf Rutschen von Klarer (Reifenrutsche, Black Hole, Trichterrutsche Abyss,
Turborutsche und ,,Magic Twice"-Rennrutsche) wäre die Anlage in Kortrijk mit
einer Gesamtrutschenlänge von über 600
Metern die größte LAGO-Anlage Belgiens geworden. Angesichts der Nähe zum
erwarteten Bellewaerde Aquapark wurde
die ursprünglich geplante Rutschen-Anzahl sogar von drei auf fünf erhöht. Mit
der Herstellung neuer Rutschen wurde
bereits begonnen, vom Brand verschont
gebliebene Teile des Erlebnisbades sollen
in Kürze eröffnet werden. Das Bad beherbergt unter anderem die längste Wildwasserbahn ihrer Bauart in BeNeLux (160
Meter). Der Sportbereich des LAGO
Kortrijk konnte bereits kurz nach dem
Brand in Betrieb genommen werden. (JT)

Belgium's LAGO
Group Continues
The LAGO Group, known until early
2018 as S&R ­ Sport & Recreatie,
operates numerous adventure bathing
complexes in Belgium and has
consistently invested in new attractions
in recent years. As we previously
reported (cp. EAP 6/2017), the group
opened new sliding facilities in 2017 in
52 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2019

the cities of Bruges, Ghent and Lier. In
2018 and 2019 LAGO has reinforced
its market position once again with
numerous renovations and expansions.
In the summer of 2018 the group
opened its first complex in the Germanspeaking part of Belgium under the
name LAGO Eupen Wetzlarbad. The
new combined operation takes the
place of the former Wetzlarbad complex
which closed in 2012.
The new Eupen Wetzlarbad demonstrates
a high level of recognizability, boasting
many of the architectural characteristics,
furnishings and equipment found in
other LAGO group operations that will
be familiar to regular visitors to LAGO
facilities. One such recognizable sight
at Eupen Wetzlarbad is a 25-meter pool
for ambitious swimmers as well as for
school and sports club swimming teams.
The recreational pool is located adjacent
to this and features a small wave pool
along with a "warm lagoon" equipped
with a flow canal and water-jet benches.
Another recognizable LAGO feature here
is the winding, highly compact flume
ride. The indoor pool also has a wading
pool for small children fitted with a small
slide, a water mushroom and water
spraying characters supplied by Roigk.
In addition to the flume ride, sliding
fun at the Eupen indoor pool also
comes from a pipe slide from French
manufacturer Altrex. The 51 meter long
and four meter tall water slide features
heat insulation and colorful lighting
effects on the interior. The range of
indoor features for bathing guests at the
new Wetzlarbad complex also includes
a heated outdoor swimming pool.
This new opening in Eupen is not
the only change at the LAGO group.
At LAGO Beveren De Meerminnen
near Ghent an 80 meter long Klarer
Black-Hole pipe slide also went into
operation shortly before the onset of

the new year. At a cost of around half
a million Euros the attraction features
a total of three "Fake Slide" elements
suggesting a straight slide section to
guests, when in fact the actual course of
the slide runs into a curve. One of the
three fake elements is also fitted with an
LED video screen displaying various
animations, for example one giving
sliders the impression of sliding straight
into the open mouth of a shark.
Two new slides have also gone into
operation at LAGO Mons Piscine du
Grand Large at roughly the same time.
This swimming pool near the French
border previously only featured a flume
ride and no classic slides. Now two new
Klarer slides have also been added to
the portfolio. The "Magic Tube" model
tube slide "Sismo" for single or double
tubes comes with an unusual course
consisting of a few spins augmented
by numerous long straight sections.
The second slide is called "Volcano",
a high-speed pipe slide fitted with a
variety of Fake Slide elements similar to
those in Beveren.
LAGO Club Zwevegem Fit in the town
of Zwevegem is the group's first indoor
swimming facility designed primarily for
the local population. Its 25 meter indoor
pool also comes with a toddler wading
area including an Ottilie serpent slide.
Other features here include a sauna and
a heated adventure pool.
Construction at the new LAGO Kortrijk
Weide adventure bathing complex
recently suffered a setback when only a
few days before the planned opening in
March of this year the slide tower in the
operation's adventure area completely
burned up. With a total of five Klarer
slides comprised of a tube slide, a
Black Hole, the funnel slide Abyss,
a Turbo slide and a "Magic Twice"
racing slide, the Kortrijk operation
featuring a total combined slide length
in excess of 600 meters was set to be
the largest LAGO facility in Belgium.
The new replacement slides are already
under construction, and areas of the
adventure bathing complex that were
not affected by the fire are scheduled
to open soon. The Kortrijk complex is
also home to the longest flume ride of
its type in all of the Benelux countries at
160 meters.

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