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Further highlights include a number
of animatronics by Hofmann that liven
up the waiting area. The characters
include miner figures along with two
entertaining chums who interactively
prime the waiting guests for the
explosive ride that awaits them. The
IMAscore soundtrack in the waiting area
and the station building also contribute
to the attraction's atmosphere.

über den Schienen befinden, während
die vier Personen am äußeren Rand der
Wagen das Abenteuer bodenlos und seitlich der Schiene genießen können.

park's Managing Director Lutz Müller the
new coaster cost some 6.5 million Euros,
making it the largest investment the park
has ever made since it opened in 1996.

Mit einer Höhe von rund 40 Metern und einer Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 100 km/h
übertrifft die Bahn nicht nur parkintern
,,El Toro" (eine Holzachterbahn von
Great Coasters International aus dem
Jahr 2009), sondern auch ,,Huracan", einen Euro-Fighter von Gerstlauer im rund
1,5 Autostunden entfernten Freizeitpark
Belantis (bei Leipzig). Damit hat der
Freizeitpark Plohn ab 2019 nicht nur Ostdeutschlands höchste und schnellste Achterbahn im Angebot, sondern beabsichtigt
damit auch für die Zukunft, ,,mit diesem
unter Achterbahnfans und Adrenalinjunkies hoch geschätzten Coaster-Typ [...]
endgültig seinen Namen als Freizeitpark
für alle Altersgruppen zu manifestieren",
heißt es seitens des Parks. (VK)

While in the preceding years Freizeitpark Plohn, located near the border
to the Czech Republic, had focused
on adding family-related attractions,
the park's decision-makers had already
started considering building a thrill
coaster in 2015 after it opened its
"Miniwah and the Secret of Gold Creek
City" Indoor Powered Coaster, also
from Mack Rides (cp. EAP 4/2015).


The Rollercoaster
Hit in Plohn
As the storyline goes, since 2000 when
the runaway carriages of the old "Silver
Mine" rollercoaster began rolling
at Freizeitpark Plohn, gold has been
discovered there. Following the fictitious
discovery of a few gold nuggets the
park shut down the Zierer Flitzer model
coaster at the end of the 2017 season
that had served reliably in other parks
for more than 27 years before going into
operation at Plohn. From May 2019 a
new Big Dipper from Mack Rides called
"Dynamite" will take over the former
Flitzer's mine train rollercoaster duties
at Freizeitpark Plohn. According to the
12 EuroAmusement Professional 3/2019

Over time their vision and planning
took on dimensions that exceeded
not only everything else the park had
previously done, but also the very
construction boundaries of what was
legally permitted. In the end the park's
management had to figure out how to
deal with the financing, the permitted
noise levels, the integration of the new
attraction in the existing construction
plan and the possibility of exceeding the
boundaries of the existing construction
limits required for the intended
rollercoaster model.
While as previously mentioned the
Silver Mine was removed from its
location in the park to make room for
the Dynamite coaster, its station building
remained. The exterior of the building
is reminiscent of its former look, but
the interior has been fully gutted and
elaborately redesigned to serve the
new rollercoaster as an entrance and
waiting area. Visitors can now enjoy
authentic decoration elements from
all over Germany corresponding with
the storyline and the design policy of
all the theme areas and attractions at
Freizeitpark Plohn, which the park
itself describes as "Plohn-style".

Now to the rollercoaster: Its carriages
leave the station via a chain lift climbing
up to the 40-meter peak of the coaster's
500-meter long track. From here, the
Big Dipper genuinely "dips" after a
180-degree turn around the track axis
into an inverted drop. With a top speed
of 100 km/h the carriages then shoot
into the seven meter high and seven
meter wide tunnel entrance for a popular
near-miss effect. The approximately 25
meter long fog-filled tunnel heads into
the mine underneath a large boulder
and then inside the mine over a small
but intense Airtime hump tunnel. But
even when leaving the mine more thrills
still await the passengers. It then goes
into an Immelmann twist and a Top Hat
with airtime. From there following the
descent the carriages head into a 270
degree helix to gather momentum for a
loop that follows and a zero-G roll at a
few meters height as the third and final
inversion on the ride.
The Big Dipper "Dynamite" is a
virtually one-of-a-kind rollercoaster not
unlike the "Lost Gravity" coaster at
Walibi Holland that opened in March
of 2016 (cp. EAP 3/2016). Like the Lost
Gravity coaster, the Dynamite's two
eight-person carriages are fitted with
two rows for four passengers each. On
each coaster, the passengers on the four
center seats have the floor under their
feet, while the four passengers on the
outer edge of the carriages can enjoy
the adventure with no floor and their
legs hanging freely. At a height of some
40 meters and a top speed of 100 km/h
the Dynamite outstrips the park's own
GCI "El Toro" wooden rollercoaster
from 2009 as well as the "Huracan"
Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter at the Belantis
amusement park near Leipzig roughly
a 90-minute drive away. This means
that in 2019 Freizeitpark Plohn has
eastern Germany's highest and fastest

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