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Seite 17 EuroAmusement Professional-3-2019-LeseprobeParks
revenues (an increase of 120 percent on
the previous year) and visitor numbers
(to 245,000 guests) had doubled.

Realigning the concept
Stefano Cigarini attributes this success
in particular to several newly defined
aspects of the park concept, including
a bigger focus on live experiences for
visitors. He states: "Basically I believe
that Cinecittà is a credible prospect as a
film park ­ that's why I took on the task
at the time. After all, Cinecittà Studios is
the place where Italian film history has
been written for 80 years. At the same
time, of course, it's important to give
park visitors the opportunity to immerse
themselves in the films and TV series.
Our guests can now visit the original
locations and become part of them ­
either through our actors on site, who
participate in certain attractions such as
the Horror House, or through the use of
modern technology, as is the case with
our new VR attractions, for example."
Cigarini explains: "It's also part of
the new concept to shoot films and TV
series that we make in the park before
the very eyes of our visitors. In some
cases visitors can even become extras
Cigarini names the event business as
the third component which is intended
to attract more visitors to the park. With

Unter anderem durch den Ausbau des
saisonalen Veranstaltungsprogramms
möchte man künftig noch mehr
Besucher in den Park locken.

an extensive calendar of events the aim
is to focus more on seasonal occasions.
The clear division of the amusement
park into six different theme areas was
also one of the measures implemented
in the park immediately after Stefano
Cigarini took over its management.
The individual attractions can now be
found in the following areas: Cinecittà
World, Roma, Spaceland, Far West,
Adventure Land and in the Sognolabio
children's area.
A total of 14 new attractions were
added to the range in 2017 and 2018.
Since 2017 visitors have been able to
experience a race in an ancient Roman
chariot in the Roma theme area, the
original location where "Ben Hur" was
filmed. In the same year the first VRbased attractions also moved into the
park: with "Labirinto", a VR labyrinth

was implemented in the Far West theme
area in cooperation with the French
company Polymorph. The Italian firm
of Moviemex3D supplied a suspended
simulator called "I-Fly" (as a revenueshare model) in which virtual roller
coaster rides can be experienced by
means of a VR headset. In the form of
"Jurassic War" the immersive tunnel
supplied by Simworx, which had
previously been represented in the park
as "CineciTram", was reopened in
2018 with a new theme after a redesign.
This media-based attraction is equipped
with 90 seats, a 180-degree screen
and a new 3D film specially produced
for the ride by the Italian firm of Red
Raion. Visitors already encounter
fossils and dinosaur animatronics in
the pre-show, before they finally watch
a combat between a Tyrannosaurus rex
and a Spinosaurus during the more than
four-minute 4D adventure.

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EuroAmusement Professional 3/2019


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