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EuroAmusement Professional-3-2019-Leseprobe

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Mit bis zu 80 km/h jagen die Züge durch
die 992 Meter lange Strecke.

country song "Country Roads, Take Me
Home" in 1971. Carowinds, too, draws
on this emotional impact and has
given its latest themed area of around
three hectares, whose main attraction
is the new double launch coaster by
Mack Rides, the name of "Blue Ridge

2019 die bisher größte Investition seit
der Parkeröffnung im Jahr 1973 dar. Pat
Jones darf zuversichtlich sein: ,,Dies ist
ein klares Bekenntnis unseres Engagements, auch weiterhin das führende Unterhaltungsziel der Carolinas für Familien und Thrillseeker zu sein!" (VK)

Caution: snake bites!
Copperhead Strike in Carowinds Park
Even months before the start of the
season John Taylor, Vice President
Marketing & Sales of the amusement
park Carowinds, part of the Cedar Fair
Entertainment Company, announced
that: "2019 is sure to be the most
amazing season ever and the biggest

in our park history." Carowinds, a 160
hectare amusement park with more
than 60 attractions, rides and shows
and a ten hectare water park, is located
on the border between the US states
of North and South Carolina. With the
"Copperhead Strike" double launch
coaster from Mack Rides with its five
inversions a unique roller coaster
has once again found its way into
The region around Charlotte, where
Carowinds is located, is regarded as
the fastest-growing metropolitan region
in the USA. The charm of living on the
edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains is
shaped by the sweeping natural vista
of the forested mountain range. "Life
is old there, older than the trees" was
how John Denver sang about the idyllic
flair of the Blue Ridge Mountains in his

According to the storyline, passengers
embark on a quest to find a well-kept
secret: the ingredients of "Granny
Byrd's" universally popular and
award-winning jam. On the way to
Granny Byrd's old farm the train,
designed as a coupé from the 1930s,
takes passengers out of the station
building into a slowly traversed
inversion in the form of a jojo roll
with perceptible hangtime. After
the following 180 degree curve, the
adventurers reach the barn of the
old farm, which is obviously teeming
with vicious moccasin snakes (socalled "copperheads"). The legend
goes that Granny Byrd's famous jam
is produced here in large copper vats.
But apparently it is not only jam which
is being produced, because the old
lady is also experimenting there on a
much more mysterious and dangerous
recipe with a lot of bite, one which is
never meant to be revealed to anyone.
However, before they are threatened
by any real trouble the passengers in
their escape vehicle are catapulted,
as if bitten by a snake, out of the barn
onto the surrounding farmland from
a standing start, accelerating up to 67
km/h within 2.5 seconds.
After this dramatic start the track
shoots straight into and through
an almost circular loop and over a
small but thrilling airtime hill into
a corkscrew as the third inversion.
After a few bends and turns, these are
followed by two smaller airtime hills
with a strikingly novel function: they
don't happen along the usual straight
track, but instead the second LSM
launch takes place over the rearmost
of the two hills ­ a special feature
Auch ein Inverted Top Hat
wurde im Streckenlayout

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