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to installation ­ as a turnkey package.
Triotech has made an impact with its
creative solutions not only on big players
like Universal and Merlin Entertainments.
Small (family-run) businesses such as
Steinwasen-Park in Bavaria, Fort Fun
Abenteuerland in North Rhine-Westphalia
and Fun Park Biograd in Croatia also
regularly rely on the company's product
range and know-how.
This year Triotech celebrates its 20th
anniversary. When asked by EAP in an
interview whether he was satisfied in
retrospect with the development of his
company Ernest Yale, founder, president
& CEO of Triotech, responded
positively: "I am very proud of what
we have achieved so far. We are a very
people-oriented company, so we are
not only co-workers, but also friends.
Honestly, it's not about rides, creative
ideas or sophisticated software ... the
best thing I have ever been able to do is
to surround myself with skilled people
who are better than me in most of
what needs to be done. For us, it's not
primarily the money that matters most
­ of course, money is always important,
but most of the time, being proud of
what you create, of how you change the
world matters more. We work here with
many young people who enjoy their
work, and bringing in their own ideas
to create something unique together
is what matters most to them. And I
think that's been a decisive part of our
success story."

XD Dark Ride paves the way to
the amusement park industry
Until about five years ago Triotech
belonged to the underdogs of the
amusement park industry. Before that
time the company had not completed
any noteworthy amusement park
projects. It wasn't until 2014 that
everything really took off with the
supply of an award-winning interactive
dark ride to Canada's Wonderland
theme park north of Toronto, where
the attraction ­ a combination of steel
rollercoaster and interactive dark ride
sections with 3D effects and laser guns)
­ opened under the name "Wonder
Mountain's Guardian". The company
had previously began supplying
"theater-based" interactive products
notably with the first installation of
an "XD Dark Ride" ­ a 3D cinema
with motion seats and interactive laser
cannons ­ near Berlin, at Filmpark
Babelsberg in 2011 (see EAP 5/2011).
This product became a bestseller
within the industry later on. To date
the company has sold the XD Dark
Ride 200 times worldwide ­ most
recently to Méga Parc in Québec
City (see EAP-News of 18 Jan 2019),
but this attraction can also be found
in cities such as New York, Paris
and Shanghai. The company has
also introduced new technologies
to the industry, for example with its
MaestroTM hand gesture technology,
which can now be found in almost all

Legoland parks throughout the world
as "LEGO NINJAGO The Ride" (see
EAP 2/2016). "Five to six months a
year I travel around the world to visit,
for example, computer trade shows
and bring back new inspiration and
fresh ideas. Together with my team we
then transform these ideas and create
adaptable solutions for the attractions
market out of them. Just as we did with
our hand gesture technology ­ first
introduced in 2015 ­ the innovation
we brought to almost all the Legoland
parks around the globe. A seventh park
of the group, the brand-new Legoland
New York, which Merlin Entertainments
is going to open soon, will get our
technology, too," explains Yale, who
is particularly proud of his company's
innovative capacity.

Turnkey solutions generate
cost savings
Triotech employs more than 200
people worldwide, most of them at
its headquarters in Montréal, but the
company also has a subsidiary in
Beijing, China, and a global sales team.
At its R&D department in Montréal,
the company designs its own rides and
then has the individual components
manufactured by suppliers from the
industry in a further step, before finally
assembling them in its own factory
near the Canadian mega-city and
delivering them to the customer as a
turnkey solution. "We are not a ride
system manufacturer, seat supplier or
animatronic designer. Our expertise lies
in bringing together all the important
components of a ride. We have been
a turnkey provider for about five or
six years. At the same time, we have
had our own studio for a few years
where we develop and produce our
software and media content ourselves,"
comments Yale, adding: "In my
opinion it is better for the customer
and, ultimately, especially for the
visitor experience itself, if the solution
comes from one company that also
assumes responsibility for ensuring that
everything runs smoothly in the end."
Auch mit großen Marken und IPs wie
,,Raving Rabbids" von Spieleentwickler
Ubisoft arbeitet Triotech seit einigen
Jahren erfolgreich zusammen.

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