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Seite 11 EuroAmusement Professional-1-2020-LeseprobeDisneyland Paris:


Der Theatersaal wurde so
konzipiert, dass ohne eine
permanente Bühne jegliche
Art von Bühnenkonfiguration
möglich ist.

The Lion King: Rhythms
of the Pride Lands
In addition to an extensive renovation
programme for its hotels and main
attractions (see EAP 5/2019), Disneyland
Paris has in recent years also focused
on the development of a comprehensive
portfolio of shows, entertainment, themed
seasons and special events. This has been
a successful strategy with the primary
objectives of attracting new visitors,
extending the average length of stay
and increasing the rate of repeat visits.
The leisure park destination also benefits
from the attractiveness of The Walt Disney
Company licences (the company has
been the majority shareholder since the
end of 2017, see also EAP News of 10
February 2017), including "Star Wars"
and "Marvel". This provides the ideal
basis for the creation of new shows and
leisure activities.

Shows ­ the core business of
Disneyland Paris
With several thousand performances
a year and hundreds of staff members
throughout the complex taking care of
the entertainment for the guests, the
forces behind the operations of the show
department of Disneyland Paris resemble a small army.

"Giving you the exact numbers of cast
members working on this division is
a challenge, because their count rises
and lowers depending on the season,
especially during peak periods like
Halloween or Christmas," explains
Mark Huffman, Creative Director
Entertainment at Disneyland Paris,
when speaking to EAP. He continues,
"The number of people who report
directly to me would be around 300,
and we are talking about a hundred
departments that all work together to
create our productions, not mentioning
our numerous artists and performers. We
have multiple crews working around the
clock, seven days a week, and that small
army is growing exponentially."
Following the example of its American
and Asian counterparts, the French park
is also constantly creating something
new. "I spent 14 years at Walt Disney
World working with the entertainment
team. We were constantly looking at how
to give our guests something more to
experience during their visit. Same here,
we spread our ideas over the entire year

to provide more opportunities for our
guests to come. A good example is our
`Legends of the Force' season, which
brings visitors during the winter `lowseason' period between January and
March," adds Huffman.

The Lion King, hero
of a great new show
When Huffman arrived at Disneyland
Paris at the end of 2016, he immediately
set about creating a new show on the
theme of "The Lion King", one of the
world's most watched movies from Walt
Disney Studios. At the time a computergenerated remake of the animated
film was planned for 2019, and the
management of Disneyland Paris felt
that this opportunity should be used to
create a new theme season.
For the successful implementation of the
project, with the help of John Berrick
(Vice President of Entertainment),
Huffman put together a creative team,
whose key roles included Christophe

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