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The Mall of America in Bloomington/
Minnesota (USA, opened in 1992) can
also boast superlatives: with more than
40 million visitors annually, it is the
world's most visited shopping mall.
All these projects have a connection
to the Edmonton/Alberta-based
project developer Triple Five Group, a
company founded by the Ghermezian
family in the mid-Sixties and still owned
by them. The West Edmonton Mall and
the Mall of America were developed
and continue to be operated by the
Canadian company.
The most recent projects of the Triple
Five conglomerate include the new
American Dream shopping and
entertainment centre in the US state of
New Jersey, the first section of which
was officially opened on 25 October
2019 (see EAP News of 25 October
2019). In 2011 the Triple Five Group
took over the retail project in East

Rutherford, originally planned under
the name "Meadowlands Xanadu",
which had been under construction
since 2004. The complex is now to
be completed in four phases and will
subsequently contain hundreds of retail,
catering, entertainment and fashion
offerings on an area of approximately
279,000 square metres. As stated
by the developer and operator, 55
percent of the new shopping and
entertainment centre's facilities will
consist of entertainment and 45 percent

of retail ­ this shows what role the
"entertainment" factor now actually
plays in such large-scale shopping
mall projects today: the buzzword is
The first part of the complex, the
Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park
with over 35 attractions and rides
for families and adrenaline junkies,
opened in October. The original master
planning for the theme park and the
DreamWorks Water Park, which is also

EuroAmusement Professional 1/2020


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