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neues Verständnis abverlangen. Die Leinen sind los, die Segel gesetzt ­ jetzt folgt
die Zeit des Feintunings, vielleicht auch
der kleineren Kurskorrekturen, die zu jeder großen Erfolgsreise natürlicherweise
dazugehören. Snorri Ahoi ­ Rulantica in
Sicht! (PP/JSch)
Fotos: Luzie Sophie Probst und Europa-Park



A water theme park

At the latest with the opening at the
end of May 2019 of the 4-star superior
hotel "Krønasår", the sixth themed
hotel now in the Europa-Park Resort
portfolio, the expectations and public
interest in the indoor water park, which
has been under construction since 2017,
grew enormously. Hotel Krønasår ­
based on a natural history museum ­
welcomes its guests in the foyer with a
touch of adventure, historical artefacts
and the impressive skeleton of the
"Svalgur" sea snake. This is part of
the story and themed world created by
MackMedia and Mack Solutions around
the legendary island of "Rulantica". A
bridge connecting Hotel Krønasår with
the new water world of Rulantica now
gives hotel guests direct access.
After 26 months of construction, the
major project of "Rulantica ­ the new
Europa-Park water world" was opened
on schedule on 28 November 2019.
Since then Europa-Park has offered
not only 15 European themed areas
with over 100 attractions and shows,
but also a completely new park in the
form of a water adventure world. Just a
stone's throw away from Europa-Park
38 EuroAmusement Professional 1/2020

die Stadt auf
Stelzen, ist
für vier
Hier befindet
sich auch eine
mit LangneseHappiness

and connected by shuttle, guests are
offered exhilarating fun in the water
world of the 20-metre high facility.
With an annual number of more than
5.6 million visitors the expertise of the
owner family Mack who ­ now in their
third generation ­ have been developing
and operating Europa-Park for 45 years
is comprehensive and undisputed. With
Rulantica the family-run company has
ventured onto a completely new field!
For more than six years now the Mack
family has been advised by the American
water park expert Chip Cleary as the
"key man", and by Michael Kreft von
Byern, the current director of Rulantica.
After conducting a feasibility study
the Osnabrück-based firm of pbr AG
was commissioned to "translate"
the American design idea of PGAV
Architects and Chip Cleary into German,
i.e. to adapt it to German standards.
"In addition, we also designed the
infrastructure such as the changing
rooms, foyer and restaurant as well as
providing site management," explains
architect Christina Seiters from pbr.
The impressive architecture of the new
Rulantica water world, especially in
connection with Krønasår, fascinates
visitors from afar. On a total area of
32,600 square metres and with a total
investment of 180 million euros, a
shell-shaped hall was created with a
unique mix of Scandinavian landscapes,
mystical scenery and imaginative
design. In nine themed areas guests
can go on a tour of discovery all year
round and experience 25 attractions.
Its theming and dimensions alone make
Rulantica unique.
From the entrance hall, where the cash
desk and access area are located, visitors
reach the 8,000 square metre changing

area, which is equipped with 3,500
lockers and 200 changing cubicles. The
park brought the expertise of Gantner,
HKS and Skidata on board to furnish the
checkout, access and locker systems. The
Nordic water fun begins immediately
after the colourfully designed changing
area with more than 25 attractions ­ 17
of which are water slides.

The attractions
In words: seventeen different water
slides for visitors of all ages can
be discovered in the exceptionally
designed water world of Rulantica.
All the slides were designed and built
by Aquarena GmbH from Jettingen,
Gemany and ProSlide Technology
from Ottawa, Canada. Aquarena was
responsible for the construction of
the slides as well as for the delivery
of its own slide models "and also for
the complete assembly of the slides
supplied by ProSlide. Aquarena also
installed the steel construction for the
water slides, which are up to 20 metres
high," reports Rainer Braun, managing
partner of Aquarena. The water park
offers its visitors water experiences in
nine different themed areas, while the
slide attractions are spread over five of
For the little ones "Trølldal" ­ a
colourfully designed troll world with
enchanted trees, mushroom-tipped tree
trunks and a fly agaric tipping bucket ­
provides endless watery fun. In between
this fantastically designed water
landscape, four children's slides lead
down from the decorative elements. All
the slides are designed as body slides
and are suitable for ages between three
and twelve years, or a height of 0.95 to
1.50 metres. The "Schabernakker" is
a double slide and starts from a height
of 5.74 metres. After a short plunge the
kids land in the pool via a sofa-type
landing. The open "Tommelplums"
slide and the "Kullerbuller" KidsTurbo
tube slide each flow into a separate
shallow water landing point.
The enchantingly decorated Trølldal
­ on which Art Studio Stritzel lavished
loving care ­ is perfectly tailored to the
needs of the little ones. The wonderful
Aquarena water playground with trees
and rocks and cute goblins offers

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