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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2011-Leseprobe

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EAP: The Zamperla Company has built many many roller
coasters up to now ­ the last ones coming spontaneously to
my mind are the already mentioned "MotoGee" at Särkänniemi, the Family Coaster at Rügen Park or "TuffTuff Target" at
Gröna Lund. If I'm right, most of them are typical Family
Coasters. Which type is currently most highly in demand in
your opinion?
AZ: We found our niche in Family Coasters with Sit Down,
Flying or Suspended versions, and we feel already rather
strong with middle sized coasters. We don't want to compete
with the "big guys" who build big hyper coasters ... but we do
intend to get more and more present on the roller coaster
scene with new, more extreme projects. Our Inverted Coaster
with a 600 meter long track and a height of 35 meters, for
example, is certainly something more than a mid-sized roller
coaster: higher accelerations, stronger emotions and compact
design are meant to be our guidelines.

On the Fast Lane with Passion
Talk with Alberto Zamperla
EAP: Alberto, meeting you and your team always means to
see you full of energy and with a lot of new ideas. The list of
your current projects ­ about which we've already talked in
Rome ­ was long. After Coney Island's Luna Park in New York
has opened 19 rides from Zamperla in 2010, there are already numerous projects in Europe and Asia as well ...
Alberto Zamperla (AZ): Yes, Luna Park is indeed a huge project and we had the great opportunity to show that we are
able to provide a complete park with a mixture of top rides for
every taste. Coney Island's Luna Park is an excellent show
case for us where we can present our broad rides portfolio to
our clients. And that's not all! We will open a new theme area
called "Scream Zone" at Luna Park in 2011. It will feature a
Moto Coaster, a Volare, a Turbo Force and a Sling Shot to
offer more attractions for teenagers.
EAP: Zamperla has always been very active. But at the
moment the company really seems to be on the fast lane all
over the world, isn't it ...?
AZ: Yes, you may be right. But to be serious, we all know that
such a success doesn't come overnight. We worked hard for
that. Today we are able to supply more different types of rides
than any other manufacturer in the world. However, we don't
get tired of searching new challenges. We increased our engineering department and steadily think of something new or
what we can do better and how to improve. I believe that it's
precisely this way of thinking that makes us so successful.
EAP: During the last season, Zamperla's Moto Coaster has
found its first home in Europe. The one installed in Finland's
Särkänniemi Park is the fifth of its kind worldwide, right? Will
2011 see further installations of this ride?
AZ: We have many inquiries for this coaster type and there
are already some orders for the coming season. I am very
optimistic especially regarding this ride.
70 EuroAmusement Professional 2/2011

EAP: What do you think about the future of leisure attractions?
Are ride manufacturers and suppliers more and more under
pressure to create and come up with something new ... something that the market does not offer, yet? Or do they develop
and produce new attractions, because it's their passion?
AZ: Of course all of us are working just for passion! No, seriously, I am very glad to have my own park where I can try my
own ideas without being forced to immediately find a customer for my newest developments. This gives me a lot of selfconfidence and I can reflect on what a client possibly might
expect of a certain attraction. Moreover, sometimes it's tough
to be a ride manufacturer: On the one hand you have to
secure and protect your ideas and on the other hand there are
the client's high expectations. It's not always easy to do justice to everybody and everything.
EAP: Which attraction from Zamperla is your personal
favorite at present, which do you like most?
AZ: My favorite is our Suspended Coaster "Volare". I love
the feeling of flying under the track. This feeling fascinates me
most about rides at the moment, so I have to admit that I also
like our new "AirRace" very much.
EAP: Is there any attraction offered by a competitor that you
admire a little bit and that you would have liked to "invent"
AZ: I have a great admiration for the works of the Swiss manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard. I love their coasters, their
quality and their exceptional willingness to innovate. But ­ as
I already said ­ we won't get in the production of big roller
coasters, even if our newly set up roller coaster division, a
specialized sub-unit of our Technical Department, is ready to
take up new challenges as an answer to our customers' needs.
EAP: Keyword ­ merger within the theme park industry:
more and more European theme parks are being taken over
by corporate and operator groups. Blackstone's Merlin Entertainment is one example or the latest is the sale of the Ger-

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