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EuroAmusement Professional 1-2011-Leseprobe

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ber hinaus werden Dubai sowie die
anderen Emirate die Ferrari World in
Abu Dhabi aufmerksam beobachten. Im
Interesse der gesamten Region ist der
Ferrari World viel Erfolg zu wünschen.
Die Verantwortlichen sollten sich allerdings in Bezug auf die Gestaltung einiger Attraktionen noch einmal intensiv
Gedanken machen. Schließlich wird die
Qualität der Gestaltung von Attraktionen dieses Brand Parks auch auf Ferrari
selbst abfärben! (ChA)

High-Tech and High Speed in the
Desert Sand
Scarcely any other amusement park has
received more attention in recent years
than Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, developed by Jack Rouse Associates (JRA).
The project was realized on the
25 square kilometer island of Yas,

Nello, der kleine Junge
mit übernatürlichen Kräften,
ist die Hauptfigur beim
4D Ride ,,Speed of Magic".

which lies before Abu Dhabi's coast.
The island will be expanded into a
gigantic resort, including the Formula 1
Grand Prix racing course which opened
in November of 2009. It also features
golf courses, yacht harbors, apartments,
villas and hotels...and a shopping mall,
an IKEA store, the world's largest water
park and a Warner Brothers theme park
are additionally scheduled to go up in
the upcoming years.

has five percent holdings in Ferrari.
ProFun Management Group, known for
projects such as Space Center (Bremen), Autostadt (Wolfsburg) and
Suzanne Mubarak Family Park (Cairo)
entered into a joint venture with Aldar
Properties to operate Ferrari World,
which has yielded Farah Leisure. Claus
Frimand, with over 25 years of experience in the tourism and leisure industries, was appointed General Manager.

The total development of the island is
rumored to cost investor Aldar Properties 28 billion Euros. The company also

Those involved say that even in the construction phase it was obvious that the
standards applied to previous projects

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