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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2010-Leseprobe

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Wer nicht mitfahren kann oder will, schaut einfach zu, wie die Züge die
Station verlassen ... (Foto: Felicitas Mag)

people was achieved as a result of the
close cooperation between GCI and
While kids at least 1.10 meters tall are
permitted on the ride, in my opinion
they should be accompanied by a parent, especially in the first fast descent
and the three upwards camelbacks that
follow in quick succession. The view is
also unanimous that "Joris" offers
great coaster fun that is nevertheless far
different from the rough-&-ready reputation normally associated with woodies
(and often so popular with woody fans).
There's no doubt that the competitive
character of the double-track coaster
adds extra excitement and fun, but the

Nicht nur innerhalb der Warteschlange, sondern auch von vielen Stellen rings um
die Bahn gibt es Gelegenheiten, die Fahrt von außen zu beobachten. Bei solch
einem ,,Rundgang" kann man auch dem Drachen sehr nahe kommen ...

other side of the coin is that longer
waiting times are inevitable. On the
other hand, the four trains and their
maximum load of 24 persons each also
ensure rapid turnover ­ the capacity is
quoted at 1,700 passengers per hour.
The only controversial topic of discussion is really the coaster's thematic
character. The question remains as to
whether it was really necessary to go
with a story as complex as the legend of
George and the Dragon. This tale of the
destruction of the ravenous "swamp
dragon", master over fire and water, is
far more complex than a rollercoaster
theme is capable of conveying in a summarized version. For the action fans,

the only real issue is which of the two
carriages crosses the finish line anyway.
And as for the kids' questions regarding
what "George and the Dragon" is all
about, most parents are likely to either
be spontaneously "creative" or be
forced to look it up when they get back
home. While themes based on ancient
stories are certainly no bad thing, a story this complex is not always ideal for
this type of scenario. It remains to be
seen whether the huge Animatronic
dragon, the only visible reference to the
storyline, will ultimately enjoy the dignity he so deserves. But one thing is
certain: the dragon, like the new double-woody at Efteling, is a surefire top

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