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EuroAmusement Professional 5-2010-Leseprobe

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IAAPA in 2002 is primarily attributable to the growth of the
industry throughout the whole of Asia, with Southeast Asia
playing a leading role. This is obvious from the emerging
parks like Legoland in Malaysia and the River Safari
Themepark in Singapore, as well as Universal Studios
Singapore which opened last year. The driving force for
the region is and remains above all China, where a handful
of large parks are scheduled to open next year. This continuous growth is also responsible for the increasing number
of international manufacturers coming to booming China
to install their facilities. Recent examples of this include
the first projects completed in the People's Republic by
Great Coasters International (GCI) and Maurer Söhne.
Traditionally, new product presentations have been something of a rarity at this convention, but both visitors and
exhibitors were nevertheless enthusiastic about the AAE
event. Attendees were seldom as busy every day at the
Asian Attractions Expo as they were this year. Along with
Asian recreational facility manufacturers and their American and European counterparts who have become "regulars" at the convention, one notable new factor was the
increased presence of design companies from Asia.
The show's 20th anniversary will be celebrated in 2011 by
returning to Singapore, where it has been held several times
previously, most recently in 2004.

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