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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2010-Leseprobe

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Wie überdimensionale Vogelnester schweben die
Kugelhäuser in den Wäldern von Vancouver Island
zwischen Himmel und Erde.

Forest in Nottinghamshire is following
Bispingen, Germany's Center Parcs lead
and will open three tree houses for the
2011 season. Above-average luxury in the
houses and a personal supervisor for each
tree house are set to bring untold comfort
to the English park.
Eastern Germany's Tropical Islands
opened its first vacation homes this past
summer. The wood-paneled bungalows are
marketed by Novasol and are equally as
popular as the luxurious lodges opened
this year in the hall itself. Tropical Islands
had previously attracted lots of attention
with its idea of allowing guests to stay
overnight on its tropical beach in tents. After quickly discovering that the planned accommodation capacity would not be
adequate, they ramped up plans to build additional accommodation capacity within the massive hall itself. Thematically
compatible small huts with simple furnishings and lots of
charm are spread in small groups throughout the hall, each
one offering plenty of space for two or more people. In contrast, the Premium Lodges are laid out like spacious hotel
rooms, providing true luxury accommodation with air conditioning, flatscreen TV and designer bathrooms as the truly
luxurious option in Brandenburg's tropical hall. But the plans
for Tropical Islands by Director Ole Bested-Hensing and his
team don't stop there, and work is underway to make it
Europe's largest tropical vacationing facility. The plans
include supplementing the recently opened vacation village
with two more such villages for a final total of more than
2,000 vacation homes. After all, at some 615 hectares the for-

Im Legoland stehen neben dem Ritter-Haus auch noch Ritterzelte
zum Übernachten bereit.

mer military site offers plenty of space. It's little wonder then
that the plans additionally include three hotels on the site.
And those who create unusual facilities can comfortably
charge a few Euros more, as evidenced by Germany's
Europa-Park and Phantasialand with their imaginative theme
hotels. Holland's Efteling Park has also been successfully
marketing its new "Bosrijks" (cp. EAP 1/2010) vacation
homes since December of last year. And back in Germany,
Tripsdrill (we reported in EAP 5/2010) has been operating its
first eight shepherd's wagons, each with space for up to five
persons, since July of this year.
But adventure stay fever has also caught on outside the realm
of amusement parks. Erlebnisbahn Ratzeburg in the German
state of Schleswig-Holstein offers guests the opportunity to
proceed along a 13-kilometer former railroad stretch with
hand-lever trolleys or other unusual "vehicles". With numerous groups, particularly school groups, taking advantage of
the offer, it made sense to go ahead with the construction of
overnight accommodation facilities.

Teilweise liegen die Lodges im Tropical Islands direkt am (Pool-)Strand.

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