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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2009-Leseprobe

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Ein kleiner überdachter Teil
der riesigen Lagune für
spezielle Angebote.


projects are in planning. This is also the
case in Egypt, where four huge baths
are to be built. Preliminary studies are
currently underway for more than
40 requested projects in locations such
as Quebec (Canada), Chengdu (China),
the Tamar Region of the Dead Sea
(Israel), in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), in
Tunis (Tunisia), South Carolina (USA)
and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).
Crystal Clear Lagoon in Egypt
In December, Crystal Lagoons' largest
current lagoon project in the world will
be completed in Sharm el-Sheikh
(Egypt) ­ only three kilometres from the
Red Sea. Unpredictable undercurrents
and dangerous swells are unknown in
this region. So why not build directly at
the beach? The "place in the sun"
directly on the Red Sea is almost completely filled by hotel complexes, and
property prices in the first row are
substantially higher anyway. These
might be reasons for the retreat into
the interior... in the hope that guests
will be content there with the artificial
pool while three kilometres away, the
Red Sea and its famous diving and
snorkelling attractions beckon. But this
is exactly where the problem lies with
the Sharm el-Sheikh project. Who is
supposed to be lured to the (nearby)
hinterland in unbearable summer temperatures and without the fresh sea
breeze that turns into unbearable dusty
and hot desert air just a few hundred
metres from the shore? What was logical and harmonious in the planning and
project engineering at Algarrobo in
Chile and ultimately made it a success,

seems completely different in Sharm
el-Sheikh. Scepticism is probably justified. The next few months will show
whether the plans in Sharm el-Sheikh
bear fruit technologically as well as
The Resort at Sharm el-Sheikh is
immense. It is made up of twelve huge
lagoons, the largest of which alone covers an area of 120,000 square metres.
The lagoons are a part of a huge land
development plan for the "City of
Stars", which includes 30,000 residential units, several five-star hotels, a
museum and a shopping centre. So far,
Crystal Lagoons' partners are the
regional investors Pyramids Plaza and
Citystar Holding. The investment volume amounts to about 5.5 billion USD.
And as if that's not enough: at the end
of the year, land development for an
even huger project is set to begin at
Soma Bay on the Red Sea, about 50
kilometres south of the tourist stronghold Hurghada. The current investment
volume there is 12 billion dollars.
Eighteen gigantic lagoons, ten hotels,
50,000 residential units (apartments),

a business park, a waterpark and two
18-hole golf courses are planned.
Crystal Lagoons' plan is glamorous and
enthralling. The success in Chile is perfect ­ without any ifs or buts! There is
no doubt that this concept can be transferred and modelled to many different
regions around the globe. I think it
would be conceivable to have "smaller"
facilities along the Baltic Sea coast, in
Denmark and Sweden, and in Germany
and Poland as well, all the way up on
through the Baltic states. Solar and
wind power generators could be used to
raise water temperatures if needed, in
order to offer good temperatures for
many months of the year. This also
opens up new possibilities for Portugal,
Brittany in France or Holland and
Southwest Spain, i.e. regions that offer
amazing beaches but somewhat cooler
ocean temperatures. In addition, target
group-specific offers could increase the
attractiveness of the resorts. Besides
complex offers for families and pensioners, the other end of the artificial lake,
the lagoon, offers youthful attractions
like a huge waterslide facility. Crystal
Lagoons' concept takes into account the
possibility of constructing lagoons of
this size in the quiet interior of the
Mediterranean. This allows for specific
structural developments to press ahead
­ as long as there is "unlimited access
to seawater", as inventor Fischmann
said to Britain's "Daily Mail".
Conclusion: A new, extremely interesting development has begun. The possibilities opened up by this huge pool are,
in my opinion, immense. This certainly
isn't the end of the conceptual development. We will continue to look forward
to its progress and certainly also
towards the first European project.

Hier kann man sich sorglos treiben lassen ­ Angst
vor Haien oder Strömungen gibt es in den Pools nicht.

44 EuroAmusement Professional 6/2009

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