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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2009-Leseprobe

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Ein Ziel war es,
die Station so zu
platzieren, dass
ggf. zwei Fahrgeschäfte mit demselben Personal
betrieben werden

a total of 16 "side
friction wheels",
four rotors and two
motor-powered pneumatic tyres that control the steering along
an I-shaped track. To
cushion the gondolas
which swing out due
to centrifugal forces,
there are air-cooled
hydraulic vibration

(Foto: M. Gänserich)

started back in 2005 when Willy Walser,
who had already worked as an engineer
and supplier for the park's "Pottwal"
wildwater ride, carried out some maintenance on the aqua attraction with his
company ABC Rides. Walser presented
the Pott family the idea of the "Suspended Dynamic Flyer", which had originally been developed at the time by a
young engineer at the Swiss company
as a graduate degree project.
Following many different layout drafts
and design proposals, there was a specific idea in 2007 about the park spaces
that actually came into question for the
ride. The ultimate theme of styling the
gondolas like ultralight airplanes came
from Senior Director Lotte Pott, who
had repeatedly seen ultralight aircraft
flying over the mountains at Porta
Westfalica in good weather conditions.
The Turbo Glider was a real challenge
for ABC Rides. During construction,
for example, some driving elements
turned out to be impractical. Circumstances encountered all over the world
in the construction of prototypes also
accompanied the construction of the
Turbo Glider. Luckily the customer had
a professional understanding ­ true to
the motto: if you want something totally
new that's never been seen before, you
will have to be able to deal with any initial problems. As prototype development
is already part of the 40-year history of
the family enterprise, the Pott family
was able to keep cool, especially considering the head of ABC, Willy Walser,
was also highly dedicated to perfecting
the ride. "Quickly resolving any arising
issues and problems was at the very top
18 EuroAmusement Professional 6/2009

of our priority list. This is why we
stayed in permanent contact with the
Potts, who assisted us with a great
degree of professionalism," recalls
As with most inverted coasters, the most
difficult problem with the Turbo Glider
was the suspension of the gondolas from
the rail. In contrast to most inverted
coasters, the Turbo Glider is a powered
coaster, the speed of which can be influenced by the passengers themselves to
a certain extent. At the same time, the
course has inclines of up to 17 percent
and declines of up to 15 percent. The
gondolas are designed for up to two
adults and a child, and ride along the
450-metre long track with a lateral
inclination of up to 55 degrees. Around
500 people an hour can take a flight on
the six racy gliders. The gondolas have

With the soft opening
of the Turbo Glider ­
Potts Park is planning
the official grand opening for the start
of the 2010 season ­ the small rollercoaster proved how much potential this
concept holds. Some fine tuning will
now be done by next year's season.
The speed is to be increased by up to
20 percent and the sound modules
should then provide the corresponding
background noise during the journey.
Guests at Potts Park are already totally
thrilled by the long track and duration
of the ride with nearly 1.5 minutes.
Above all, the fact that children over
the height of 110cm can go on the ride
is not only an expression of its familyfriendliness, but also a good argument
for future customers. Following the two
tube coasters (at Trampolino and the
Dutch BillyBird Park), ABC apparently
also wants to have its say about family
rollercoasters in the segment of
powered coasters.

Mc vs. Mc: der Streit ums Präfix
Ein acht Jahre währender Rechtsstreit
ist nun endlich entschieden worden: In
Malaysia hatte der US-amerikanische
Fastfood-Gigant McDonald's Klage gegen ein in Kuala Lumpur ansässiges
indisches Restaurant namens ,,McCurry" angestrengt. McDonalds sah durch
die Verwendung des Präfix ,,Mc" sein
Markenrecht verletzt. Das letztinstanzliche oberste Gericht in Malaysias
Hauptstadt hat nun McDonald's Klage
abgewiesen mit der Begründung, dass
sich das Angebot beider Restaurants

deutlich unterscheide. ­ Sicher werden
nach dem Urteil, das nun zugunsten
,,Davids" entschieden wurde, weitere
malaysische ,,Davids" gegen den amerikanischen ,,Goliath" aktiv werden,
indem sie das Präfix ,,Mc" fleißig in
ihren Restaurantnamen einfügen. Was
­ zumindest in Malaysia ­ keine juristische Auseinandersetzung mehr zur
Folge haben wird, solange das Angebot
sich deutlich von dem von McDonald's
unterscheidet ... was ja wohl nicht allzu
schwer sein dürfte.

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