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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2009-Leseprobe

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Wer die Glaskugel bewegt,
erhält Einblick in das
Leben der fleißigen

details (Easter was right around the
corner!) testify to the dedication and
ingenuity of the fabrication of the
unique objects. A well-run restaurant
awaits guests here with delicious,
regionally inspired dishes at moderate
prices. A perfect contrast to a mass
"feeding" station!
Of course, there is also a railway here
that rides all around the enchanting
fairytale forest. Also popular with
guests are the chair-o-plane, bumper
cars, hang-glider ride with "Young
Siegfried" and of course the roofed-in
sliding paradise. Yet the main attractions for (not only) young park visitors
are Rübezahl, Snow White and the
seven dwarfs ­ familiar characters
solid as a rock. It all looks very mysterious and romantic, just like in the
The newer attractions are totally different and yet they suit and supplement the
existing ones. It's not the total amount
of the actual investments that counts
here, it's the value of the idea. The
"Lustige Mäusejagd" (jolly mouse
hunt), an installation from last year, is
just one example: competition gets hot
here when your task is to shoot as many
mice as possible with a catapult-adapted device and hard rubber balls. Equally fit for groups and competition is the
barrel game "O' zapft is", which was
installed this year: guests try to throw
as many green plastic balls into a barrel as they can within one minute. The
lid of the barrel is constantly moving
though, gently opening and closing.

In the outdoor area of the crystal mine,
young and old visitors alike can catch a
glimpse of the (sometimes funny) daylong life and work of miners with the
help of some original crank levers. All
of the cranking done here makes kids
rush from one station to another and
back again. Inside of the mine, mysteriously illuminated crystal balls are the
most noticeable object. Those who have
the heart (and kids most often do) will
reach out to touch them and roll them
around... and look there! Animated
scenes from the life of the mine's dwarfs
will be brought to life. This is a visually
and haptically very charming alternative to just pressing some buttons.
The amusement park in Ruhpolding has
been around for over 40 years now. This
makes it one of the oldest facilities in
Germany. Founded by Erich Schuster in
1967 (who operates the Fränkisches
Wunderland today), the small amusement park on this northern slope was
taken over by Peter Aigner in 1979, the
father of today's managing director
Ludwig Aigner. Ever since then, it has
been further developed bit by bit. The
Aigners will be celebrating their personal 30th anniversary at the park this
year. Let's hope the next 30 years are
also marked by down-to-earthiness,
continuity and good visual judgement ­
traditional virtues, the deeper value of
which are usually only recognised and
honoured in times of crises. The Aigners
are cut from precisely this kind of cloth.
Thank heavens.
EuroAmusement Professional 4/2009 31

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