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EuroAmusement Professional 4-2009-Leseprobe

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berühmte Gerstensaft gebraut wird, bot
den Teilnehmern kurzweilige Einblicke
in die Geheimnisse des Pilsener Urquell
Mit einem ausgiebigen ­ sowohl geführten als auch individuellen ­ Stadtrundgang durch die wundervolle Prager Altstadt, die die Tristesse kommunistischer
Misswirtschaft glücklicherweise überlebt hat und sich heute wieder die ,,Goldene Stadt" nennen kann, ging das diesjährige Netzwerktreffen der EWA zu
Ende. (PP)

Welcome to the Golden City
Around 1900, the open-minded cosmopolitan city of Prague was a popular
place for artists and young writers.
"Franz Kafka loved being here and felt
refreshed and inspired by swimming in
this city, as Dr Michael Quell, Presi"
dent of the European Waterpark Association (EWA) told the attendees of this
year's EWA summer meet-up during his
welcome reception on the 14th of May
in Prague. Around 100 people from the
member states of the European pool
association followed up on the invitation to the three-day event in the Czech
The historical downtown centre of
Prague was declared a UNESCO world
heritage back in 1992. The architecture
in the capital of the Czech Republic,
which has a population of nearly
1.2 million today, is unbelievably
Since May 2008, the metropolis has
also been home to a waterpark. Aquapalace was constructed at a roughly
27,000-square-metre large site in the
district of Cestlice, around ten kilometres from the city centre. With its surface
space of 13,500 square metres and
water surface of 2,447 square metres, it
now offers the finest bathing and wellness enjoyment around. After a number
of failed planning and construction
attempts by Russian investors and a
three-year freeze on the building project, the Czech investor Pavel Sehnal
and his SB Group brought the Neuriedbased Gesellschaft für Entwicklung &
Management von Freizeitsystemen
(GMF; company for the development

Fasziniert wandelten die Bäderexperten u.a. auch
durch die gusseisernen Kolonnaden in Marienbad.

and management of leisure systems) on
board, a powerful planner, operator and
ultimately co-partner (see also EAP
issue 4/2007, p. 36 ff.).
The managing director of Aquapalace,
Radek Steinhaizl, and GMF Manager
Rainer Pethran gave the attendees of
the EWA summer meet-up a very open,
detailed presentation of the development of this unusual project before
embarking with them on a tour of the
modern facility.

length of 440 metres and a Lazy River
all make for a ton of wet fun at the
"adventure palace". In the "treasure
palace" a large pirate ship has
"moored", around which a kiddie pool,
water playground, whirlpools and toddlers' areas have been grouped. The
"Korallendom" is located in between
these two worlds of adventure and holds

The Aquapalace
Three themed water "palaces" open up
to visitors after passing through a central entry hall and adjacent changing
area with a total of 2,000 lockers. Nine
different slides, including a Kamikaze, a
Spacebowl funnel slide with a total

Aquapalace-Geschäftsführer Radek Steinhaizl (re.)
erwies sich als kompetenter Gastgeber und führte
seine Branchenkollegen auch durch die Spa- und
Wellnessbereiche der Anlage.

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