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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2009-Leseprobe

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The Little Pearls of the North
If nothing else, Scandinavian parks are
known throughout the world for the
Copenhagen Tivoli, which even inspired
Disneyland. Yet in reality it's the "sommerlands" that really deserve the title
What Makes Them So Special...
For one thing, sommerlands are very
common. Second, the concept can only
very rarely be found outside of Scandinavia. Sommerlands can be traditionally characterised as interactive parks
with a water play aspect. They are suitable as relaxing family destinations that
give kids the chance to let off some
steam and make new discoveries, yet
they never lose sight of adults' wellbeing. Through their barbecue areas
alone, the sommerlands achieve an
above-average duration of guests' stay.
The spacious playgrounds and integrated recreational pools with all sorts of

flumes also extend visitors' length of
stay immensely.
As the term "sommerland" suggests,
these parks are seasonal. The core season usually begins at Pentecost and
ends with the summer holidays. Despite
this very short period, the sommerlands
have invested in recent years in water
slides, wave pools and, in the case of
Telemark Sommerland, even in a surfing
The history of the sommerlands began
back in 1975 in Blokhus, north of
Ålborg. The family Kragelund had
worked in the area of foreign trade for a
long time, specialising in industrial salt
and foodstuffs. In the early 1970s, the
development was marked by monopolisation: chain and department stores
started to dominate the sector. The
Kragelund family was therefore faced
with the question of confronting the
growing competition with an expansion
Naturthematisierungen stehen ­
wie hier im Djurs
­ bei Sommerländern hoch
im Kurs.

See-Idylle und
Fahrspaß ­ auch
das gibt's im
Sommerland Syd.

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