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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2009-Leseprobe

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Die fünf Wagen werden mittels doppeltem
Kettenlift nach oben transportiert.

tive because for some passengers, the
first section of the ride goes backwards.
Some more smaller drops and inclines
follow in combination with different
changes in direction. The interesting
track layout ensures continual, dynamic
changes in the ride's speed and direction. Right before the end, the carriage
electromagnetically brakes on a vertical
track after one final drop. At this last fall
at the latest, the gondolas do a rollover,
making the Zac Spin Coaster into an
unusual "looping" ride that can reach
speeds of up to 60 kilometres an hour.

groups of four on each side of the track
with their feet freely dangling. With this
gondola-like seating arrangement, the
passengers cannot see any of the track
below or above them. Both sides of the
gondola are self-sufficiently mounted on
a central axis. This creates a steep,
curved lift right after the ride starts off;
two chains haul the carriage to the top
and the gondolas oscillate back and
forth depending on how heavily they're
loaded. Once at the top, the carriage
heads towards the water after a small
drop. Now passengers nearly have the
feeling of losing the "ground" beneath
their train and with a hefty swinging
movement, the carriage quickly
descends in a backward motion. However, the direction on the Zac Spin is rela-

Depending on the load and weight of
the passengers, the entire ride is experienced differently each time, which really
entices guests to go for a repeat ride. In
addition, the different line of vision the
passengers have on the coaster provides
variation in the overall ride experience.
Insane unites many unusual rollercoaster features in one ride: an inverted seating position combined with looping
gondolas otherwise only known from socalled "4th dimension coasters", as
well as a perpetually different ride
experience that is otherwise only possible with spinning coasters. With its low
amount of required space and only eight
pillar supports, the attraction has an
optimal cost-benefit ratio which is definitely not only convincing for parks with
a tight amount of space. The compact
construction also allows onlookers a
free view of the entire course of the ride.
Thanks to the open gondola design,

passengers can be very easily watched
and onlookers can get a fantastic
impression of the ride. A new gondola
can be sent off on the ride every 38 seconds. At its maximum load, the attraction can accommodate nearly 800 passengers an hour. A remarkable 76 seconds lie in between boarding and
debarking the ride. Apart from all of its
other features, this too is an indication
that the Zac Spin Coaster is a fullblown rollercoaster.
Intamin has now also developed another exciting layout variation that can
even meet the needs of different investment budgets. Instead of a rather slow
chain lift, the trains can also be accelerated by e.g. an LSM drive propulsion
In order to meet the demands of the
steadily growing flood of visitors to
Gröna Lund, the Parks & Resorts Scandinavia AB is planning an 8,000-square
metre expansion for its flagship park.
Because the amusement park is surrounded for the most part by water, the
getaway island of Djurgarden can only
offer limited expansion possibilities.
This is why a car park, which was previously separated from the park by a
street, is to now be made accessible via
a bridge so it can serve as an expansion
to the premises. So far, the plans foresee
a nearly 100-metre high Starflyer in
addition to an Inverted Coaster. Around
45 million euros should be invested in
the expansion project planned for 2012
to 2013. Up until then though, Insane
will remain the biggest milestone in the
development of Gröna Lund into a modern theme park.

Sascha Czibulka
von Intamin (li.)
und Johan Tidstrand (Parks &
Resorts) freuen
sich auf die gemeinsame Fahrt.

In der Bauphase
noch gut erkennbar: Die Bahn ist
höher gebaut ­
so findet die Warteschlange unter
der Achterbahn
Platz ...
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