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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2007-Leseprobe

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Petra Probst: Nochmals zum Thema Fernsehen und den vielfach unterschätzten Gefahren des Fernsehkonsums für Kinder:
Laut einer aktuellen Studie der Universität Washington ,,konsumieren" 90 Prozent aller US-amerikanischen Kinder unter
zwei Jahren regelmäßig, d.h. Tag für Tag für durchschnittlich
anderthalb Stunden TV DVD und Video. Kaum mehr zu wider,
legende Erkenntnisse der Gehirnwissenschaften aus den letzten
Jahren weisen daraufhin hin, dass die Quantität des Fernsehkonsums in jungen Jahren mit späteren Wissensdefiziten sowie schweren Lern- und Verhaltensstörungen wie ADHS korreliert. Was würden Sie als erfahrener Freizeitexperte, Vater und
Großvater all jenen Eltern empfehlen, die ihren Kindern teils
aus Bequemlichkeit und teils aus Überforderung stundenlanges
Fernsehen zumuten?

The Leisure Industry Between
Tradition and Modernity

Franz Mack: Die sollen alle mal in den Freizeitpark gehen!
Wir haben ja im Europa-Park sowieso schon sehr viele Wiederholungsbesucher. Aber die anderen dürfen ruhig auch noch alle

Franz Mack: Our sector, as we always go to say, has been
through quite some changes. But in the strict sense, the goal ­
making people happy ­ has stayed the same. When I see some
of the new roller coasters out there... even faster, higher, farther... I'm not sure if that's the right road to be taking. I am
rather sceptical when it comes to these developments. Everyone in the family should always be able to have their fun at an
attraction, not just watch half of the gang from the ground
below because they're scared to go on the ride... Yes, I realise
that young people see that entirely differently. But I'm still
rather sceptical about this issue. I prefer family-friendly
attractions. And if you really want to know what I think is
going in a rather wrong direction: there are only very few people left in the tourism industry today who are willing to take
risks. Many rigidly persist in pursuing the same old paths. Yet
nothing comes from nothing. If you want to attract guests, you
first have to give them a good reason to visit you. And that's
something that our facility, as one example, definitely does
right. This is why we've also opened our fourth hotel already.
Roland Mack: I can only agree with my father on that. Over
the last 30 years in particular, the leisure industry has gone
through a sustainable metamorphosis. Nonetheless, just like
back then, today's rides are the focus of visitors' interest and
going on a roller coaster is still at the top of people's wish list
when they come to a park.
Yet in contrast to the past, park design and themeing is gaining ever more importance. What we're sceptical about, as my
father already emphasised, is the trend towards ever-faster
rides. For a public that consists of families, we simply put other qualities of experience onto centre stage.





Roland Mack: Mein Vater hat es charmant auf den Punkt
gebracht. Kinder brauchen die Aufmerksamkeit ihrer Eltern.
Das gemeinsame Leben und Erleben prägt Kinder nachhaltig.
Sie orientieren sich sehr am Vorbild ihrer Eltern, gerade auch
bezogen auf ihr Freizeitverhalten. Für viele Familien ist es zu
einer festen Tradition geworden, gemeinsam den Europa-Park
zu besuchen. Inzwischen kommt man schon mit den Enkelkindern und ist immer wieder aufs Neue begeistert. Manch einer
hat dann beim Freizeitparkbesuch das ,,Gemeinsam-etwas-unternehmen" für sich und seine Familie wieder entdeckt. Meine
Empfehlung ist ganz klar: Widmen Sie Ihre Zeit und Aufmerksamkeit wann immer möglich Ihren Kindern und bieten Sie
ihnen die Gelegenheit für neue Erfahrungen, Abenteuer und
Petra Probst: Ich danke Ihnen beiden ganz herzlich für dieses

An Interview with Franz and Roland Mack
Petra Probst: Mr Mack, like no other, you have been a keen
observer of the development of the leisure industry in German-speaking countries, have accompanied and significantly
contributed to the industry as the owner and director of the
Europa-Park. When you compare the "good old" days with the
"brave new world" today, what, in your opinion, do you think
is going well and correctly in the overall development of the
leisure industry, what do you admire? And at the same time,
are there any developments in the worldwide leisure industry
that you view with some scepticism?

Petra Probst: As the founders of the family enterprise EuropaPark, you surely have your own view of things when it comes
to the "family business" phenomenon. What do think the
future chances are for a large-sized family operation in these
times of big, bigger, global players? In your opinion, which
values have to be exemplified and mediated so that ­ provided
it is desired and there's a potential successor in the family ­ a
family-run enterprise remains a family-run enterprise?
Franz Mack: You know, I think family operations are more
sustainable than people commonly think anyway. If something
has to be decided quickly, there is much less go-between to
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