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EuroAmusement Professional 6-2007-Leseprobe

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Angepasst: In einem alten Holzgebäude liegt der urige Eingang zu dem
5-D Kino im dänischen Freizeitpark Bakken.

wide. Interest in 4D continues to be
strong," explains Markus Beyr, who is,
alongside Manfred Meier and Christian
Hofer, one of the three shareholders of
the company based in Wels, Austria.
But what's a special effects cinema without a very special film or somebody who
can whet the public's appetite for the
uniqueness of such an attraction? ,,Eric
Dillens of the 3D film distributors
nWave and our distribution partner,
Roger Houben of 3DBA, were convinced
about the quality of our products right
from the word go. For me, Roger
Houben's contacts in the leisure industry
were the crucial factor in choosing him
as our agent in this sector." Various new
installations this year, e.g. at Bobbejaanland, Slagharen and in Gardaland,
prove that this collaboration is productive. There for the first time additional
2D screens have been installed on both
sides of the main screen which, depending on the film, bring visitors into the
heart of the action and enable them to
dive even deeper into the picture.
Multimedia Wonderworld
15 years ago Manfred Meier would
have scarcely allowed himself to dream
that his audio visual media installations
would once be the crowning glory of
hotel-heiress Paris Hilton's birthday
party on a stage 2,300 metres above sea
level in Ischgl. Kraftwerk was responsible for concept and technical realisation
for the event in February 2007.

At the beginning of September, Markus
Beyr proved yet again that multimedia
events are his speciality: For the Linzer
Klangwoche ­ a multimedia experience
on the banks of the Danube organised
by the city of Linz, an annual event since
1979 ­ his creation demonstrated the
full range of his company's abilities. The
story Six Tales of Time was premiered on
the 8th of September as part of the
Klangwoche. Swimming stages, actors
on cranes, a mighty firework and light
show from the masters made for a oncein-a-lifetime show for the 30,000 strong
audience. The project was developed in
collaboration with other artists, and
Beyr was responsible for its idea, visualisation, overall guidance and direction.
A few months ago, Kraftwerk reported
that their turnover from exports could
more than treble by April 2007 thanks to
large commissions worth eight million
euros. A project in Kazan, Russia was
partly responsible for this excellent
result, for which the team of Christian
Hofer was responsible for the entire
planning and implementation of the
AV technology. Russian heavyweight
investor Anatoly Kuznetsov has constructed a resort in Kazan complete
with a hotel, conference centre, cinemas, offices and a shopping centre.

Das Freizeit- und Businesszentrum Korston im
russischen Kazan ist auch von außen eine
faszinierend beleuchtete Erscheinung.

Kraftwerk's bid was chosen over 16 other tenders from Germany, each of whom
had developed a concept for an information centre. The critical jury was
impressed by the concept ,,BAUMTRAUM ­ Die Elemente sind frei"
(Tree dream ­ the elements are free)
developed by Kraftwerk. The new
national park centre with a project volume of five million euros and covering
an area of around 1000 square metres
will be completed by January 2008. One
of the reasons given by the national
park authority for their choice was that
Kraftwerk had simply presented the
most spectacular design. A clear overall
theatrical concept was evident and
Kraftwerk was also able to take care of
the technical implementation of the
exhibition, another factor in the
outcome of the decision.
An unusual and unique project ­ just
like so many of the attractions and
experiences created by the ,,threeheaded" company from Wels.

Close to Nature in a Tree Dream
The Kellerwald visitors' centre, which is
currently being constructed at Lake
Eder in Hessen, Germany, is one of the
company's most recent projects.


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