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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2005-Leseprobe

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Water Fun and Dolce Vita
Developments and Trends at Italian
Waterparks and Spas
There are more than 60 facilities all
throughout Italy. Many have similar
things on offer, but there are exceptions, which are characterised by
themed or special attractions.
Waterparks have sprung up like mushrooms in Italy since the late 1980s ­
from Milan to Naples, from Veneto all
the way down to Calabria and Sicily. A
big boom went on especially between
1987 and 1993 and things have been
booming again since the turn of the
millennium. Our Internet research
showed over 60 facilities alone; many
smaller facilities are presumably not
yet compiled online. Various projects
are also currently in planning or
under construction.
The prerequisites for the success of
water attractions seem to be ideal in
Italy. Summers are hot and sunny, and
Italians love a holiday on the waterside. In addition, there are few public
recreational pool facilities, which usually don't even have any slides or other special attractions because they
want to keep admission prices low.
Privately operated Waterparks, which
can afford a wide variety of attractions
thanks to higher admission prices,
thus have a big market.
More than one-third of the facilities
are located in the relatively affluent,
heavily populated provinces Piermont,
Lombardy and Veneto. Lake Garda,
loved by Italians and foreign tourists
alike, is a hub with over half a dozen
smaller and larger parks all within a
few kilometres. And more parks are
located on the Adriatic coast near
Rimini and Ravenna, and in Sicily. In
Tuscany on the other hand, there are
only two waterparks, which could be
due to the fact that this region is more
of a destination for the culturally
interested than it is for family tourism.
Five facilities are also located in the
direct and rural vicinity of Rome.
Apart from northern Italy, most are
located in coastal regions, yet have
no direct access to the sea.
26 Euro Amusement Professional 3/2005

Die Attraktionen stehen im Mittelpunkt bei Aqualandia. Zu den 10 verschiedenen Rutschen gehört
u.a. der 42 Meter hohe ,,Spacemaker" (ob.) In diesem Wasserpark gibt's sogar mehrmals täglich

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