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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2005-Leseprobe

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10 Years of Elbamare
Where the East Likes to
Go Bathing
During former GDR times already, an
indoor pool was planned for Saxony's
state capital Dresden, which was
intended for use by the 45,000 residents of a particular district. However,
it never made it beyond bare
brickwork. 1990 after the Fall of the
Wall, it was decided to incorporate
this building shell in the overall
design of a modern adventure pool.
On March 21st 1995, after a 16-month
construction period, the Elbamare
adventure pool was able to open its
gates. With 4,900 sqm. of floor space
and 610 sqm. of water surface, a modern amusement facility was created,
which was also longed for by the
inhabitants of Dresden, as shown by
the numbers of visitors. With its Elbe
sandstone façade and generous glass
surfaces, lush greenery, numerous
attractions and state-of-the-art technology, the pool is very much perceived by inhabitants of Dresden as an
enrichment of the city's amusement
The range of activities on offer at
Elbamare is multifaceted; whirlpool,
wild stream, geyser, water cannon,
massage jets and much more are
embraced by guests. A further attraction is the outdoor pool with massage
jets and whirl loungers that can be
accessed via an outdoor swimming
channel. Of course, there is also a kid-

die pool for the little
ones with a slide, play
animals and water
shoot, as well as all
facilities required for
the youngest children.
The somewhat older
kids ­ but also
teenagers and adults ­
naturally love the
thrill of the 80-metre
long giant chute that
guarantees exciting
sliding fun with a
variety of curves and
As with most municipal facilities, Elbamare also has a
sports pool, in which guests can swim
their laps in peace or participate in a
range of courses on offer. However,
Elbamare also accommodates the
growing demand for relaxation attractions. In a tropical lounge garden that
is as lushly planted as the entire pool
facility, guests enjoy resting or relaxing under the new Ergoline solariums.
The attached sauna facility provides
even more health and relaxation
Elbamare is operated by Aquapark
Management Dr. Quell & Partner
GmbH. During the last operating year,
the number of visitors reached
180.000. During the first year of operation there were 292.000 visitors,
which indicates the positive development and high acceptance of Elbamare in its target area.

Leute, wie die Zeit vergeht! Bademode im Wandel
der Zeit ­ ein Spaß für die Gäste beim
Jubiläumsempfang im Elbamare.

Dr. Michael Quell, Direktor der Aquapark
Management, und Elbamare-Betriebsleiterin
Katrin Michalsky wissen, dass zum Erfolg immer
ein gut motiviertes Team gehört.

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