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EuroAmusement Professional 3-2005-Leseprobe

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15:37 Uhr

Das internationale Interesse an Wannado City ist groß, und das Konzept ist
beeindruckend. Vielleicht gibt es ja
auch bald eine Wannado City in unseren Breitengraden?! (MB)

Wannado City
Start Signal for a New Generation of
Indoor Theme Parks for Kids?!
At Wannado City, children between the
ages of 3-13 can play at their dream
jobs under the instruction of professionals. From dentists to reporters or
police chiefs, everything is possible ­

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walk over to the next Wannado, where
it might not be as busy, and everything
regulates itself. Upon entry, Wannado
City provides each child with 150 units
of its currency, "Wongas", even
optionally in the form of a credit card.
Depending on whether the service is
used or offered, Wongas must be paid
or they are received for the offered
With its motto "where kids can do
what they wannado", Wannado City is
not easy to describe at first glance.
The operator Wannado Entertainment
had to discover this for itself at the
beginning, when, upon opening in

Ein ganzes Feuerwehr-Department für die kleinen
Firefighter findet man in Wannado City.

Einmal die Nachrichten bei CNN
machen ...

Dieser ,,Kaufladen"
ist ziemlich echt ...

more than 100 jobs. Up to the age of
8, children are only permitted to participate when accompanied by an
adult; accordingly, the proportion of
adults is around 40%.
Children are able to independently
learn something about their chosen
jobs at individual stations, while parents can watch from outside, while not
actually being involved in the "professional life" of their children. Since
children usually ask for guidance
when adults are present, kids at Wannado City are supposed to decide for
themselves what to do and how to do
Incidentally, there are no long queues
for the individual job areas, but there
is also no fast pass system. "Only
adults worry about such things, says
Laura Liebermann. "The kids simply

August 2004, the number of visitors
could only be increased little by little.
"We have stopped broadcasting 30second advertising spots, as Wannado
City can not be easily explained within
a few seconds, says Laura Lieber"
mann, Sales and Marketing Director
of Wannado City. "Word of mouth
advertising is much more efficient. We
expect around 800.000 ­ 1.000.000
visitors during the first year of operation, including adults. Adults pay a
lot less than kids, but admission is still
USD 15.00, as opposed to USD 35.00
for 3-13 year olds.

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