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EuroAmusement Professional 2-2005-Leseprobe

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Die tierischen Angebote liegen auch wieder stark
im Trend. Foto: Hollywood- und Safaripark

In the year of its 75th anniversary, the
Erlebnispark Tripsdrill probably gave
itself its biggest present: an increase of
good five per cent. With a total of
580,000 guests, the park drew a very
positive balance. Tripsdrill will now
probably be prized by regular guests
and new visitors alike as the highlight
of recreational attractions in Southern
Germany. And with the final completion
of the "Soapbox-Car Race" developed
by the company Prokar, the Tripsdrill
park is embarking on the upcoming
season with optimism once again.

in the core region of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg successfully closed
off the 2004 season. According to its
own reports, the park profited primarily from the advertising support of its
holding company, the Ravensburger
AG, as well as from investments in new
attractions. In turn, new attractions,
and in particular, the new neighbour
that will enhance the area's tourism
even further should result in an increase in visitors next season. The
Austrian amusement park Minimundus
will provide additional frequency with
its famous miniature architectural
works from all around the world.
Indoor and Outdoor Play
The Playmobil Funpark Zirndorf was
clearly also on the winning side in
2004. With more than 600,000 visitors
(as opposed to 515,000 in 2003) the
park greatly outdid its own prognosis
of 575,000. When the open-air season
begins, Playmobil will have expanded
its playful world of adventure: the
"tree house world, enchanted fairy
origin" is an invitation to all young
adventurers to come and make some
big discoveries.
Most middle-sized and small parks
chiefly offer open-air attractions, are
thus extremely dependent upon good
weather conditions, and mostly had to
suffice with a plus-minus null, as did
e.g. CentrO.Park in Oberhausen.
Nonetheless, Oscar Bruch Jr. also
knows that permanent investments are
14 Euro Amusement Professional 2/2005

necessary to keep visitors coming
back. In such, a traditional roundabout from Zierer will await guests of
all ages at the CentrO.Park this coming season. Also, the entire admissions
area has been enlarged, done up in a
vintage French theme, and relocated
near the Sea Life and Cinema Centre.
The Tolk-Schau ­ the Northern Light
of German amusement parks ­ will be
opening one of the popular Kontikis in
a safari design at the start of the season. The speciality here: a small boat
with six rows of four seats rides along
large, 19-metre long tracks.
Filmpark Babelsberg noted 320,000
visitors, and all sorts of ideas for a
hotel or accommodations have also
already been heard. After Friedhelm
Schatz took over the park in 2003 from
the Vivendi Group and immediately
made investments, a considerable consolidation could be attained in 2004
already, according to the facility's
Legoland Günzburg placed its bets on
"femme power" in 2004. After the
holding company had publicly cast
doubt on the continuing operation of
its worldwide parks, Lotte Franch
Wamberg, an experienced "Lego
woman", was sent to Günzburg to take
over the managing direction from Stig
Blicher. In early January, Legoland
Germany then announced that its third
season was also its most successful
one ever: 1.35 million visitors were

Animal Attraction
Another trend that characterised the
2004 season: "animal attractions" are
all the rage again! It's presumable that
this "new-old" desire for "animal
sightseeing" is based on more than just
romantic notions. On the contrary, it
should be seen as a sign for the growing demand for recreational activities
with educational character. Once
again, the Erlebniszoo Hannover [adventure zoo in Hanover] can call itself
a "millionaire" in 2004, even though
this successful leisure enterprise didn't
always have such an easy time due to
poor weather conditions. At the
moment, the Hanover Zoo has made
new plans for its entire playground
area, in which approximately 350,000
euros will be invested. In the spring, a
tree house village called "Brodelburg"
and a "Swamp of Oblivion" will particularly entice younger zoo visitors. In
the course of its makeover into the "zoo
of the future", the Leipzig Zoo finished
up the biggest portions of its modernisation and renovation undertakings in
2004 with the new "Kiwara" savannah
area. The zoo is already looking much
more attractive and even resembles a
theme park now. Excavators were also
busy digging away in 2004 in Gelsenkirchen, where the Ruhr Zoo was
turned into the new ZOOM Erlebniswelt [adventure world].
Indoor Attractions
Continue to Boom
Last but not least, the multitude of
indoor plans should be mentioned. So-

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